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Holyoke Park Apartments



Resident · 2004 - 2007
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Office Staff
When I moved in here in June 2004, I truly enjoyed the complex. I had nice quiet neighbors and a nice, clean apartment. However, things have not gone as well since. First of all, the security door entrances are a joke. People who come to visit me must park in the oarking lot and then walk AROUND the building (where it is poor lighting and I have known more than one person who has been accosted while walking around to the back). The mailboxes are also very small and things are just thrown on the floor where it can be ripped and stolen. There is a curfew to do laundry (machines will shut off at 9 pm no matter what....more than once I have had nasty soaked moldy laundry from this)...waht about the people who work nights or work late??? I enjoy the pool area, which is a nice perk. I dont like the layout of the apartments. I had to buy a second air conditioner because the air conditioner in the living room does not cool the bedroom very well. I also dont like having to make an appointment to get into my storage locker...which isnt secure anyway. Anyone with wire cutters cdan get in and steal everything. Make sure you label your locker as well...my label fell off and one day maitenance decided to empty out unused lockers and i found a lot of my stuff just THROWN onto the lawn and BROKEN. They were very nasty when i told them that was my stuff. Now i dotn even use my locker...even if it means my apartment is that much more cramped with stuff. I also dont like the paper thin walls...particuarly when your neighbors decide to play their music at 3 am. No amount of complaining to the office has resolved antyhing. Also, dont count on a timely maitenance visit. When my dishwasher broke, UI had to wait over a week for a new one...they claimed they had to order it, but when i saw their sotrage garage, they had plenty of dishwashers to spare. MY oven is currently broken, i have called multiple times and no one has yet to come check out the problem. With the exception of a couple of people, the office staff is rude at best. The farash corporate offices arent much better. When my rent was THREE DAYS late one time (no matter than i had previously sent in early rent, etc.), I got a very nasty letter charging me extra late fees and threatening eviction OVER ONE LATE RENT CHECK! Also, the property itself is not very secure. I have had multiple things stolen out of my vehicle, including TWO car stereos. There have been reports of fights and shootings in the complex, and i know others who have had their apartments broken into and tires slashed. I was told there was sectury on the premisis, but i have been here for three years and have yet to meet any. I ahve also had to deal with mold problems in my bathroom and all over my windows, the windows dont always shut properly and there is a nasty draft inthe winter. In short, do not move here. Big mistake. I myself am getting out of here this summer as soon as my lease is up.
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Holyoke Park Apartments

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