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Jefferson Tower



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Resident 2000 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/27/2007
I've lived in Jefferson Towers since I was a student. Under the previous management, I was happy, but since the change in management a few years ago, it has gone rapidly downhill. The new manager is a nightmare to deal with, and despite the fact that Jefferson is already relatively expensive for Syracuse, the rent has been hiked up three times in the last 2 years! <br><br>The building shares a parking lot with nearby businesses, and sells prime parking spots to employees of the nearby businesses, but there is no option for residents to buy reserved spots. The result is that any resident unfortunate enough to arrive home before 5pm will be parked in the far back of the parking lot, if they're lucky enough to find a spot at all (I've more than once not been able to come home for over an hour because there were no open spots)! Meanwhile, during business hours nearly 50% of the reserved spots are completely empty.<br><br>Maintenance is adequate when they show up, but I've frequently noted that when I (a woman) place a maintenance request it takes several days or is even forgotten about, whereas when my husband places the request the problem is fixed within 48 hours.<br><br>Pros: Very convenient for medical students and residents as it is a short walking distance to the medical school and to 3 of the 4 city hospitals; the security guards are AWESOME and extremely helpful and nice.
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Jefferson Tower

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