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Regency Tower

770 James Street, Syracuse, NY 13203
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$1,093 - $2,202/mo



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Resident 2021 - 2023


Absolutely disgusting place to live

Hot water and air conditioning don’t work half the time, neighbors are noisy screaming and fight all night long, trash is garage is always over full , in the summer the whole building smells lika a dumpster cigarette smoke throughout the whole building, tenants let thier dogs piss in the elevators, laundry room that caught fire not in use for three months, no 24 hr security , the property manager Dawn is an ------- and lies. I hear her make fun of people in the LGBTQ community calling people “he, she, it...or whatever it is” . I also hear her talk ---- about the property manager Jim. Unprofessional! Maintence request never get completed. It’s a ---- hole!!!! DO NOT LIVE HERE!

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    Resident 2020 - 2023


    Dawn Furlong and her side kick kelly have to go. Rude bullies

    Dawn Furlong and new hire kelly are the rudest, nastiest, unprofessional workers that need to be fired immediately because they are abusing too many residents and discriminate and try to evict people who have been living there for years with cruel treatment.

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      Resident 2021 - 2023


      The rude manager needs to go

      I've been living in Regency Tower for two years and me and my wife loved this place when we first came here. However, things turned to downhill after one of the nicest staff Lorrie left. I have heard multiple times that the manager Dawn was talking shitt about the previous staff (saying she messed up everything here, I am the one in charge.) The staff crew seemed friendly and smiles at you but in the back they talk gossip about every single tenant in this building. Dawn knows every single person's gossip and she makes fun of tenants in the back. She was the most rude and phoniest person I have ever seen in my life. This rude manager needs to go or the building will never be good.

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        Resident 2020 - 2023


        Worst apartment I’ve ever been in

        By far, absolutely, the worst place I have ever lived in my life. My neighbors blasted music, near nightly that would reverberate through my entire apartment until 6 or 7am. I complained multiple times and nothing was ever done. The hot water worked about 30% of the time, sometimes ice cold and other times luke warm. The heat worked about half the time. There was a smell coming from the neighbor below me (rotten Parmesan cheese, and STRONG) that I became unable to sleep at night. I developed intense insomnia and other issues because I lived here. The landlord refuses to enforce the rules of the lease, and the building became more and more like the skyline (crime infested apartments) that are across the street. There is also no 24 hour security, they leave around 11pm each night. The Wi-Fi worked about half the time. The landlord Dawn was extremely rude at all times.

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          Resident 2015


          I lived here for 10 months ,and this was a good experience .building is old .but people,Surrounding is nice,calm place. maintenance Problem were fixed not quickly but always been taken care of later.overall enjoyed here :) recommend

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            Resident 2007 - 2015


            We lived very comfortably at Regency Tower for 8 years (2007-2015). We are a couple in our 60's. Yes, it is an older building but that means thick walls so no noise from neighboring apts. Management is constantly working on updates like new elevators and HVAC systems. Cheryl, the building manager is a pleasant, accommodating, very capable and astute person--very much on top of things. Maintenance provides same day service for work orders. Never saw an insect or rodent. Constant attention to bldg cleanliness. Indoor parking wonderful in this climate. Weekly bus service to area grocery stores. 10 minute walk to downtown. All at very reasonable rent. You can't go wrong trying R.T. (Would still be there if not for out-of-state move. Ps: I know this is long but I got sick of negative reviews by people who obviously never lived here.

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              Resident 2014 - 2015


              Once a premier apartment building in Syracuse, it is now old with frequently defective and bursting water pipes, A/C that often doesn't work, frequent bed-bug infestations, and management that will smile and lie to your face. There are worse places to live, and much better places to live. It is surrounded by Syracuse ------ neighborhoods. It has indoor garage parking for $55+ per month and not much outside free parking at all. It used to have a fun swimming pool, but the owners and management refused to maintain it, and it is now covered over. Generally the building is falling apart little by little and a plumbing nightmare. Not worth the money to rent there. Their website and the management make it sound wonderful, but in reality it is not at all. Save your money. Get a a better apartment elsewhere out of the hood for the same amount of money. You'll be glad you did. They have only 2 actual maintenance men on-site.

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                prospectiveVisited 2015


                Walked in to view a apartment . Elevator noisy was afraid to get on. Was not impresses with apartment . Flooring unappealing , sheet linoleum wood look flooring. as I was leaving pressed elevator button and a roach was on the wall near my finger. Lobby looks like picture in apartment finnder. Living area photo, apartment not as beautiful as photo . Not worth the rent even with everything included .

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                  Resident 2013 - 2015


                  I am seriously considering doing a letter to the newspapers. My stay at The Regency has been so over the edge awful that it makes no sense. I was harassed by a contractor working for The Regency. I complained A LOT and to no avail. I came home one day to find the deadbolt off my door. To date, no one has admitted to coming into my apartment. I called the police. I didn't feel very secure before, but now I am completely uncomfortable. I was told by the manager that this person would not be working in the apartments because that is not a part of his job. Not true. He was in the apartment across the hall from me and took the opportunity to vacuum outside and around my door. Strangely enough, when I complained to 3 people (garage attendant, office jr manager and then manager), I was met with "I think that's the head guy.", same exact phrase from the three of them as if that meant something. Now, this "head guy" is vacuuming around my apartment door. I became angry. The jr manager said he is a contractor and has a right to be… See More>
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                    Resident 2014


                    I have lived in various rentals throughout schooling and think living in Regency Towers was awesome! I graduated in December and Regency Towers was able to do a short term lease for me (7 mos). It is a very comfortable building to live in. Garage parking is available for a small fee. Every single person I encountered, from management to residents, was extremely nice. Rent was easily paid online & heat was included so our only extra bill was internet. Maintenance was extremely prompt. There were a couple of times that my roommate and I blew a fuse or the smoke detectors needed batteries and someone came up immediately. The location of the apartment is good in that it is an easy drive (or $6 cab ride) to downtown, the mall and Onondaga Lake park are also close. However, the safety of the area is not good. The building is fully secured so I never had to worry about safety within my apartment but I did take basic precautions like not walking around alone at night. There is also some noise from the street, depending on which side of the building you live on. Overall, a wonderful experience and I… See More>
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                      Resident 2013 - 2014


                      Lived their six months. The place is in shambles. Some apartments are new but those ones are never going to be vacant yet they charge the exact same rate. You are living litterally living in 1970 with two prong electrical outlets in your apartment your neighbor is living in 2000. Its like night and day yet paying the same 900$ rate. Maintenance is a joke. The ever important superintendent chris lowe who is a self proclaimed former crack addict was asking if I did hydros while fixing my apt. Reported this to management in building. He is still their. If ya leave anything unlocked or around. Parking heated indoor its great u pay sixty a month which is a nominal fee. Problem. Good luck finding a spot when julies restaurant has more than 10 people in it. No room to park when ya get home. Parked in the lot in front of the building. They have 24 hr security. My car was ransacked and all my change was stolen. Reported it they have no video anywhere at all in the building.… See More>
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                        Resident 2009 - 2013


                        I lived in the Regency Tower in the past four years. What I like about this place include: rent includes all utility (including cable TV now); it has garage parking (and heated in the winter); the building is gated with security guards; staff working there is friendly, manager is flexible in working with me when renewing the contract; my apartment has hardwood floor and a breath-taking view of the SU campus/Downtown SU. After I moved out, I also get my full security deposit back very soon (indeed, I cleaned the apartment very well). After it outsourced the security to another company, I have found some security guards are not as attentive as the old ones. It is better to park the car in the upper level (for a higher price though). I had some problem with the lower level parking (stains from drifting water), but the manager help me solved the issue by letting me clean the car in a car washer place. However, it would be better to pay a little bit extra to save your time and effort of cleaning your car. Yes, the building is not new, but I think this place offers great price for everything… See More>
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                          Just about the Best in Syracuse

                          Management and staff in this building are NOT racist (I am an African-American medical student). When I was searching for an apartment, Cheryl (a staff member) was very warm and welcoming and allowed me to view two apartments without me scheduling an appointment. She was even more accommodating by allowing me to move into my apartment before the lease start date; this made my moving out from an old building and moving into Regency Tower very easy. CONS (not too bad actually): I had no issues with my apartment with the exception of the dishwasher machine, which I rarely used; it tended to clog up. The underground parking lot cost $55/month; parking can be a slight nuisance if you don't park in the underground parking lot so 90% of the time I found parking directly behind the building where many residents park for free. Gym room: small w/ outdated equipment. COST --> Rent: $810... steep price for Syracuse (I'm from NYC) but at least it includes heat, electric, trash, maintenance, and hot water so the extra bill was Internet. By renewing my lease, I (and other residents) would've paid a mandatory $45/month fee for the cable package that Regency Tower managed to… See More>
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                            Resident 2010 - 2011


                            Safe, quiet, very friendly staff, highly recommended

                            I lived there for one year, liking the view from the big balcony. The staff are very friendly and polite, I always chatted with the garage guy, and the front desk are always very responsive. The laundry and gym was small but very convenient. The underground parking is a blessing for the bad snow winter. The neighbourhood is not great, don't walk to Lodi Street after dark...honestly, downtown Syracuse is not a safe area overall. The Apt. complex itself is fairly safe, and excellent location if you want to live close to downtown and Syracuse Univ. Right after I renewed my lease, I had to move out due to change of job. Cheryl, the front desk managing person, did not complain and helped me to find a tenant fairly quickly. I can't appreciate her enough! They returned my security fee as well, with no trouble some other apt. complex may raise.

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                              Resident 2004


                              Gets worse every year

                              I've been living at Regency Tower for the past 7 years. It has gotten progressively worse every year. The fixture and kitchen are very low grade. The building is literally beginning to fall apart. What used to be friendly and helpful security staff have been outsourced. The so-called "gym" has 2 treadmills for the entire building and one of them is typically out of commission for 6 months out of the year before they get around to repairing it. This year they moved the gym out of an air conditioned room into a room right by the laundry with an ambient temperature of about 85. The few full time staff that the building has on hand are still friendly and helpful but that's about the only positive thing left about the building. If you're looking for housing in Syracuse, look elsewhere. I am.

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                                prospectiveVisited 2010


                                Clearly Racist Staff

                                I applied to the residence and everything was fine with the paper work and process, until they met with me face to face and I was not a ----- Women. I was then asked for extra paystubs and then asked why do I want to reside at the Regency Tower. I was then asked to contact my employer and produce a letter indicating that the paystub is accurate with the amount that is listed. I then informed the staff that their residence is not the Trump Towers and that can cancel the process. I cannot say that this is uncommon, because this has been going on for over 500 years with some ----- folks, and now the children of those same folks fear ----------------- who obtain excellent pay and who are educated. What I feel is that this residence is beneath me and I will seek other areas.

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                                  Resident 2006 - 2010


                                  Dont Waste Your Time

                                  I have lived at The Regency Tower for over 4 years and every year it gets worse and worse. At least once a month the water gets shut down for some emergency. The building is falling apart (literally) and they just keep putting band aids on the situation. The elevators are always breaking down. The service is horrible. The people that work there are nice but the management of the building is the worst I have ever seen. Longley Jones has overpriced these apartments for what they are providing. They also advertise air conditioning, however, it is really just air blown over cold pipes and not true A/C like in most buildings. The problem is that the owners do not want to put any money into the building they just want to continue to take the rent every month and not provide any service to the residents. DO NOT EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME LOOKING AT THIS RESIDENCE. You can find a lot more for your money elsewhere. I will be moving as soon as I find something else!!!!!!

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                                    Resident 2009


                                    great Place to stay

                                    I lived in regency tower for almost two months and surely loved this place. management is really good specially the current lady cheryl who is handling the management is quite helpful and supportive. Definitely a place to stay. very secure and safe. Nice equipped GYM and well taken care too. Highly recommended for people who want to stay closer to downtown.

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                                      Resident 2007 - 2008


                                      Horrible Living Racist Management

                                      Lived at the Regency Towers for exactly one year, not a day longer. Could not stand the place. The bathroom above me flooded and the problem went un-addressed for a whole week causing my bathroom ceiling to cave in with nasty smelling sewage-water-soaked plaster/sheetrock all over the place. When I asked what they plan to do about this they told me I had to clean the mess myself and they said that my ceiling wasn't priority. And not to mention the racist management team. I had overheard the fat one say my apartment number and refer to me as a complaining N-word. That was the last straw. Drug dealer neighbors always drew a horrible crowd. Would hear loud knocking at all hours of the night. I strongly urge you to keep looking.

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                                        Resident 1995 - 2008


                                        Gets Worse Every Year

                                        Hello, I've lived in the Regency now for 18 years (minus one year away). Every year since I moved in, the quality of life here has gone steadily downhill. The rooms are spacious, but the building was built in the 1950s & the owner, Carlyle Smith, is allowing the structure to slowly crumble. Cracks & buckles are beginning to appear in the walls & baseboards. Two business tenants have left because of water leaks that have gone unrepaired or repaired too late. As for the staff? Mr. Smith apparently refuses to pay for quality people, so he gets bottom of the barrel help. One good man left because they refused to give him a raise. The maintenance has gone downhill also. If you walk the halls, you'll see halls lights uncovered or out & nobody pays attention. The Community Room has holes & tears in the walls & a couch sitting on boards because they won't fix or replace it. That's only part of it. Friendly? It depends on whether you stand up for your rights or not. Six residents have moved out in the past… See More>
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                                          Resident 2003 - 2006


                                          Great Place

                                          In a nutshell: I love it here.. I have been living here for three years. We live in a one bedroom apartment and it is great. The rooms are spacious, the staff is great, maintinance is so fast in responding to calls. everyone is friendly, I just enjoyed every minute living here.. there is a fitness center in the basement, laundry room on each floor and a bigger one in the basement which is open till midnight.. It is an amazing place to live in, two thumbs up

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                                            Resident 2004


                                            Great Apartment if you can afford the rent

                                            Rented a one bedroom for $695 which included utilites (garage is extra). Very spacious, courteous staff and generally fairly clean. The 24-hour attendants in the front and rear are great. I think the rent is a bit too high for the area though. The landlord/management are fair. There is a dryer and washer on each floor as well as a laundromat in the basement. The shower pressure is awesome. I had wooden floors which were great but the apartment could have been cleaner. Neighborhood does not seem too safe.

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                                              Dogs Allowed
                                              Deposit: Required
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                                              Weight Limit: 25lbs
                                              Cats Allowed
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                                              Regency Tower is an apartment in Syracuse in zip code 13203. This community has a 1 - 2 Beds, 1 - 2 Baths, and is for rent for $2,202. Nearby cities include Mattydale, Baldwinsville, Jamesville, East Syracuse, and North Syracuse.

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