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Beverwyck / Lake Shore Park



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Bevertytsh8tr • Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/13/2005
Please read the review titled "A place fit for a ........peasant" everything stated there<br>is pretty accurate!! here is my review though. I made a short list of pro's and con's on living here.<br><br><br>Pros:<br>*lots of space for the amount of money you pay in rent.<br>* central air is nice<br>* good location not far away from shopping malls businesses etc.<br><br>Cons:<br>[the management - crew - main office - the apartments]<br><br>Management - despite the fact that you pay them to live here they don't even go out of their<br>way to help you when you have a problem. If you do move here for whatever reason and when<br>something breaks please make sure you goto the main office in person and have a "work order" <br>filled out make sure you get a copy of it so if you make a legal case you'll have proof of<br>when you complained and when your complaint was finally fixed. And don't leave that office <br>with out one in hand I can tell you now from experience it'll probably be a good week until <br>someone checks anything out and another few days til something is done.<br><br>Unless a slew of sewage water and god knows what from busted pipes floating in a flooded basement <br>(which is the cause for stinky hallways and buildings, which they try to cover up now with <br>a cheap air freshner that only makes it smell like sewage and spring flowers or whatever that scent is) <br>doesn't get to you, maybe the carpet in your apartment will. i could go on about what <br>oders i think are contained/concentrated within it but we'd be here for ages.Long story short <br>these buildings all have many oders in them. the main rental office has an oder to it, <br>that should have been a sign from the start.<br><br>Do you like ants? spiders? rodents? along with other little creepy crawling critters than this is<br>the perfect place for you. if these pests don't annoy you, your neighbors walking above you might. <br>the squeaky floor from the metal frame of the building doesn't descriminate between anybody. it <br>makes everyone sound like they're walking around stomping their feet. not to mention if they <br>turn their hot water knob (since hot water tends to be hard to come by here) up in the shower and the pipes <br>start clanging shake and make lots of noise. it gets very loud and it will awake you from your <br>sleep unless you're on the other side of the building.<br><br>Parking, if you actually come here to take a look around you'll notice all of the cars parked <br>everywhere up and down the streets. So far i've seen windows broken my car has been egged numerous <br>times a few of my neighbors vehicles have been damaged by other tenets or people passing through. <br>Not to mention random towings that occur every once in a while. I only include that as there is <br>no, or has not been a parking regulation sent out by the main office. People with common sense <br>and that took a drivers test should know where you can and can't park, and if there is a policy <br>on parking the people that run this place should print it up and hand it out when you goto rent an apartment here.<br><br>-----------------------<br>i could be here all night writing up more bad things about this place but i'll add them once i can <br>leave this place so they don't identify who i am. As you can see the Cons out weight the Pros.<br><br>***DO THE MATH!! AVOID THIS PLACE LIKE THE PLAGUE THAT GROWS IN ITS BASEMENTS!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED***
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Beverwyck / Lake Shore Park

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