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Beverwyck / Lake Shore Park



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Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/06/2005
I discovered LakeShore Park online and decided to go check it out-- everything I had read sounded like just what I needed so it was worth a shot right?? First thing I noticed when I walked into the rental office was that it stunk-- like mildew. That kinda turned me off-- but I didn't think it'd hurt to look at the apartment. She took me to the "only available" 1 bedroom apartment and before I walked in she said "Just put the stains on the carpet and the awful mildew stench in the back of your mind." I can be pretty open minded so I said okay. The area was nice-- but the buildings themselves look like cabins you'd camp in-- the doors need paint.. the carpets aren't kept clean... it stunk as soon as I walked into the hallway-- my mom almost asked "Are you guys in the process of remodeling??" cuz there were wood pieces nailed to the wall of the stairway-- but she kept her mouth shut thank God... cuz remodeling they were not. When I walked into the actual apartment the smell was overwhelming!!!! and there were at least 3 HUGE stains on the living room rug that-- I think might have been urine although she denied it. The place was decent so I told her that I'd fill out an application as long as they were going to get rid of the carpet and the smell... I said I wouldn't sign a lease or agree to take the apartment until I checked it out beforehand to make sure it'd been fixed. The girl took my 20 dollar application fee, a 100 dollar deposit toward security and to hold the apartment... and a pay stub of mine. I asked her flat out if I would get the 100 dollars back if I were to be rejected or if the stench was not fixed and she assured me I would. I'm starting a new position at work next week in which I will be receiving about 40 hours a week at 8.75 an hour... and a second job which is 20 dollars an hour and 3 hours a week. The paystub I had from the 1 job obviously didn't reflect what I was going to be making and I didn't even have one from the other job yet. They have a RIDICULOUS income requirement--- they want you to make 1.5 times your rent.. but they don't specify that it really means 2 1/2 times your rent. She told me anyway that all I needed was a paystub to confirm that I had a job and to not worry about it. Like 3 days later I get a phonecall that my paystub didn't meet income requirements (DUH.) and that I needed to provide letters from my employers stating what I made and all that. I said "so- if I can't get letters I can't have the apartment?" and she said "Well you wouldn't meet the income requirement so no." NEVER ONCE did she say there was still a possibility I'd be approved or whatever. SO I asked my primary job and they said that unfortunately they couldn't provide me with a letter saying something like that because under new ownership things can suddenly change and they have to protect themselves. The other job I hadn't started yet so she told me I could just hand that in in a week or so. Without the letter from my main job though-- I new I didn't meet the requirements so I called them to tell them I couldn't get the letters and that I'd need my 100 dollars back since I was denied. The guy Jeff there said that they'd mail it to my home within a week. A few days later the rental agent calls to confirm that I'm going to drop off the paperwork and my mom tells her that I had already called to inform them I couldn't obtain it and that I was supposed to be getting my 100 dollars back. The lady then proceeds to tell her that I can't have it back and that she was never told about it anyway and that I only had until the 31st of August to get it back (I had called on Sept. 1st). When I hear this I'm totally appalled so I call back and tell her what happened and she said that I didn't actually "give them a chance to deny me and that I cancelled AFTER 7 days... soo I can't have my 100 dollars back." I tell her that that's crap because I was told without the paperwork I was denied and she tells me to call the off-site management office on tuesday after the holiday weekend. The first lady I got on the phone was pleasant and nice.. and was trying to help me out... but then... another lady CONNIE got on the phone with me to talk to me about it and she was the rudest person ever (only the second person in my life to make me sooo angry I was shaking." She tells me that since I didn't get the letters from my jobs that I lied on my application and that I didn't provide the appropriate paperwork within 5 days of the application so that I'm not entitled to a refund. I wasn't even informed until 3 days after I filled it out that additional paperwork was required and was told that I could bring it anytime next week (WELL after the 5 days.) I was also told without it I'd be denied (Which THEY later denied SAYING.) AND I called to tell them I couldn't get it and they told me that they'd send the money back in a week (their response to that was that Jeff was new and he shouldn't have told me that.) I proceeded to tell her how DISGUSTING the apartment was and that I was under an agreement with the rental agent that I wasn't accepting the apartment or signing a lease until I checked it-- she said that she'd have to check with the girl because I'm a liar and she doesn't believe a word I'm saying....she basically didn't believe the girl had told me that. I was also a liar because I couldn't provide documentation from work supporting what I said on the application-- even though I had fully explained the situation to the rental agent and she had said it was okay. So she finished with "You didn't provide the supporting documentation within 5 days, you're not entitled to a refund.. I'm done talking about this... you're not getting your money back, goodbye." and hung up on me. Very professional, yes? They are a BUNCH OF THIEVES who don't like to ACCEPT THE BLAME for their miscommunication between each other, their poorly trained staff, and for turning problems around on the consumer to make themselves feel better and richer. When I asked her what her benefit of keeping my 100 dollars was when I was clearly denied and hadn't even accepted the apartment she said for "their time and to hold the apartment".. like people were going to want THAT one... I was nice enough to give it a chance.. the people that looked at it before me were in and out in about 2.5 seconds. Gee I wonder why? Could it be the human excrements on the rug and the nasty nasty stench??? If you want to avoid being robbed of your hard-earned cash... DON'T EVEN CONSIDER LakeShore--- cuz now I'm out 100 dollars that I could apply to another apartment.
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Beverwyck / Lake Shore Park

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