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River Hill Tower



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Office Staff
skigirl • Resident 2000 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/05/2002
This building may have been nice at one time but it is terrible now. <br>I only lived there for 18 months but in that time the FBI came in and made a major drug bust, a woman jumped off her balcony and killed herself, we had a major water leak in our apartment, a ramdom woman came in our place, our kitchen sink backed up in to our shower, almost daily; our AC broke and the management told us to "buy floor fans and use them". They never replaced our AC units. The place was not clen by my standards when we moved in. On move out hte also told us we would be getting our whole security deposit back and we did not get it all back. We left the place spotless and they charged us $700 for not giving them a written notice of our decision not to renew. We did give them a verbal notice which they failed to record. <br>We also had a major lady bug problem in our bed room. They sent exterminators once to try and fix it. The doormen sleep half the time and they took our magazines and read them before they were placed in our mailbox. We were also "missing" 2 packages that suposedly left at out door. Also my front door key never worked and the office would not give me a new one- I had to pay for it. <br>I wish thier was a way to let everyone who is looking to move in know about this building. <br>Parking on the street is not possible and the parking garage is very dusty and expensive. <br>The only good thing is the gym, which even then most of the machines are broke at one time or another and the buildings takes forever to fix them. <br>Please take all of this in to consideration before signing a lease at the River Hill Tower. <br> <br>
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River Hill Tower

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