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Woodlawn Village Apartments



Resident · 2009
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Office Staff
These apartments are all smoker-friendly. My apartment smells like an ashtray. I feel terrible that my baby has to breathe the air all the time. I start to have runny nose and headaches soon after I come back home from work. I don't know where the smoke is coming from. All I know is that my next door neighbor smokes. The management is nice but they insist that each apartment is all separate without air mixing. It took about 17 phone calls before they came to check on our apartment, and they said they didn't smell anything (they happened to wear very strong perfume though). We have bought a couple heavy-duty air purifiers, but the smoke smell just keeps coming in. One of the air purifiers has an air quality light for smoke odor, and it's often RED, meaning the air is heavily polluted with smoke. Now I dread coming home and I'm counting the days till the lease is up. One of my colleagues who also rents here had to close off one of her bedrooms due to heavy smoke coming in from her downstair neighbor. She pays rent for a 2-bedroom but can only use one. But, if you are a smoker, this is a great place for you to live. (I'm a physician and I do not support smoking. It's really bad for your health. If you see how many of my cancer patients are smokers, you probably would think twice.)
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Woodlawn Village Apartments

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