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Arbors of Montgomery



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/18/2005
Before moving into places I would read these things and think people were just being picky or things could not really be that bad, because it looked nice. Trust me when I tell you, things are this bad. If things get better I will write a new ratings and tell of the improvements. This is to tell of real problems I have had since I moved in a month ago, I wish things were different,<br>I am a new tenet at Arbors of Montgomery. I moved in August 18th 2005. I had visited many times and was very aware of the change in management, which is why I signed a lease. Thinking things in the Management would be improving and the community was such a great one. So far I have met so many people just on late night walk and we have talked for hours. This is definitely a dog loving community. <br> I would love to at this point say that things were wonderful; I would even more love for them to be so. Things are bad and seem to only be getting worse. On walking though our new apartment it looks great. Trying to use one of our appliances is a huge issue. When we arrived we did not have the washer/dryer we were paying for, and it took a week to come. Once it came the dryer did not work. The washer dryer now, after a month still does not work. They have replaced it with a brand new one, and we still have to run the dryer three times to get things dry, a huge expense for us. <br> We had a rain storm and found a puddle of water in our guest bedroom, upon examining the exterior we saw a hole as big as a fist in the siding. 24 hour maintenance did not respond for an entire Sunday, and then after talking to the manager she did not tell me what was going on for 2 days. I eventually talked to someone from the property management company and he repaired the hole. We still have water damage on our carpeting and wall. <br> When we moved in we had a pantry filled with bugs. Wivles(Spelling may be wrong) were a big problem, even before we moved our food into the apartment. The problem has continued for a month now. Two exterminators have come. The last one said that something needed to be done about the cabinet itself, we have not heard from anyone for two weeks on that issue, Including the management. We are just working around the bugs, gross! <br> When we moved in the porch was gross, cigarette butts and beer tops. It took them a month to come and clean that up. I would strongly suggest anyone with children not move into these apartments because of the porches. They make me very nerves because none of the slats are the same distance apart. A child could slide right through some and get there head stuck in others. Very dangerous and I would think a legal issue.<br> If you can believe it when we moved in one of our toilets did not have a top on the <br>tank, although that was fixed. The apartment was very, very dirty, besides the brand new rug, and we had to clean it ourselves. There was a hole in the wall in our closet that exposed the wires, that they actually came and fixed the next day.<br> Through all of this I have been incredibly tolerant. It was yesterday that I finally lost it. We were having problems with are dishwasher not cleaning the dishes. Upon further investigation we found that the dishwasher has not been cleaned or had any maintenances for a long time. The bottom of the dishwasher was starting to have a brown water collecting. We took out a part at the bottom and found mold and food built up. I know nothing about dishwashers, but I know it is dirty and unsanitary. <br> I wanted to move in and have a home to live in. Instead I have a mess to clean up daily. At this point we can not do our laundry here, we have to wash our dishes by hand and I must check the food for bugs before I serve it. I am not sure what to do because through all of this the management as remained fairly unresponsive. I have been living here a month and I am ready to move out, donýýýt do it to yourself. <br> I want to note that while I gave the landscape a good raiting, we have a pound that has beer bottles, plastic bags and a bike in it. They are not keeping up the one pound.
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Arbors of Montgomery

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