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Fox Run Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/02/2007
I have wanted to move from this complex since the day that I moved in. Initially when you make an appointment to see an apartment, the management shows a 'model.' This model has newly renovated kitchen cabinets and sinks, nothing spectacular but good enough for the money. Little did I know, I was moving into an apartment that was not renovated. The management kept telling me that my apartment was not ready yet but not to worry because all the apartments were exactly the same. I did not see my apartment until the day I moved in and when I first walked in I wished at that exact moment that I could have gone back to my old apartment, but I had already signed the lease with Fox Run. The patio door is old and in the winter you can not sit too close to it or you will catch a horrible draft. The heat is electric heat, not gas heat which makes the utility bill horribly high in the winter b/c it takes more electric than gas to heat a home. The management person got me by telling me that the only utility I pay is electric which made me think they covered the gas and water. Wrong! I pay all utilities. There is an additional $25/month fee for water that is 'conviently' attched to your rent. I am on the first floor and so I have an influx of bugs in my apartment at any given time - daddy long legs spiders, beetles, you name it. A problem which could probably be eliminated if the patio door wasn't so ragedy. I have these horrible brown faux wood kitchen cainets that are screaming to be renovated. The light fixtures in the bathrooms and the cabinets need to be renovated as well. There are no ceiling lights in any of the bedrooms, nor is there a light switch in which to control a lamp. Instead I stumble in the dark across the room to turn on a lamp. There are 12 apartments in each building and yet only one washer and one dryer in each building. What sense does that make? When I wash its like a mad dash to the finish. I have to time when my loads will be done precisely or someone else will be waiting to take my items out if I am not there. The positive side of things is that it is a quiet complex, the master bedroom and kitchen are large and there is plenty of closet space. In my opinion there a more cons than pros and I have been actively searching for a better apartment. Hey, you get what you pay for.
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Fox Run Apartments

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