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Grandin Club Apartments



Resident · 2003 - 2008
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I have been a tenant of Grandin Club Apartments for a couple years now. In this letter I d like to address several issues and concerns as well as offer a few suggestions. -On Monday of this week, a letter was taped to our doors reminding tenants of apartment rules and regulations. I ve received a similar one of these a couple of times in the past. As with these previous letters, it contains a bullet point that vehicles without parking passes will be towed without any warning. In my opinion, this is always an idle threat. On any given night, I can come home around 11 o clock and there will be at least 5 vehicles in proximity to my building that do not have a parking passes. Recently the main parking lot has been overflowing with vehicles. So much so that people park along the driveway and in the striped zone of the middle parking island. Action on this issue needs to be taken immediately and without further warnings. -While I am addressing the parking, let me express my concern for careless driving in the main lot. Tenants speed in and out, taking wide turns with little thought of potential on coming drivers. I believe one possible solution would be directional arrows. In arrows should be painted on the 453/449 side and Out arrows painted on the 445/459 side. A solid yellow line in the center of the entrance driveway may also help. -Several times this summer I ve walked down to the pool only to find it closed. I pay for the pool to be open during the agreed upon times, 9AM-9PM. I will not accept it being closed at 5:10PM or 6:45PM when it s 84 degrees outside. -Why doesn t Grand Club Apartments recycle? -Finally, I believe there are some ways the Laundry room can save/make money for the complex while improving the quality for the residents. 1. Lighting: Most of the time the light in the laundry room is left on. Motion Detectors could be installed to reduce the amount of electricity being used 24/7/365. 2. Pop Machine: We used to have one. An old one. Once it broke, was there any thought to replace it? Possibly also add a snack machine? They make motion detecting power savers for these too. 3. Cleanliness: While we can t force people to clean their lent filters, a proper trash receptacle placed near the door as opposed to a bucket in the back corner may encourage people. -I hope this letter is taken in the spirit of trying to improve your property. -Sincerely, Resident of Grandin Club Apartments
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Grandin Club Apartments

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