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Hyde Park Commons



Resident · 2000 - 2004
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I have been a resident here at HYDE PARK COMMONS ( I made sure I was commenting on THIS crappy property, specifically, so the management has no excuse to place the blame on another property on this street) for a couple of years, and I am moving ASAP. Towne Properties have raised the rent $120 sice last year, and their renovations only apply to the apartments they are trying to sell to get the ritzy yuppies to live in. They do not maintain the habitated apartments, and the property mamager (Nikki Ledford) is rude and does not like to hear that she has to work and send a maintenance person to work, since it means Towne Prop. will have to pay for it. There is pet-poop everywhere in the court yard, there is NOT enough laundry facilities ( you have to usually walk to the other 1/2 of the building and wait for your clothes or they WILL be stolen. And there is little solace in the cameras they "installed" in the laundry rooms....there are NONE, and my toddlers clothes have been stolen plenty of times. The parking S-U-C-K-S, they over charge for garages, and there is PLENTY MORE to ----- about. But I am saving my breath, and moving the HELL OUT OF HERE, and I suggest you do the same.
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Hyde Park Commons

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