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Ravenwood Apartments



Former Resident · 2010 - 2018
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Office Staff
I lived at the Ravenwood Apartments for 8 years. I moved there when the Front Desk personnel name is Dawn and the owners were Barbara and Steve Caudill. At the time of this review the property is owned by another Man (not being mean, just trying to "paint a picture") with a prosthetic Arm/Leg in his early to mid 50's. I lived in 2220 Westwood Northern Blvd Suite B-26 Cincinnati, Ohio 45225. I had a 960 Square Foot 2 Bedroom, 2 Full Bathrooms facing the wooded landscape---this is a "corner unit" and corner units are the largest of the floor plans for all 4 floor. I had the top or 4th floor. The rent at first was $575.00 yet increased through the years to $600 and $675 which I had to a pay without Section 8 assistance, because I've become over income and Section 8 would pay up to $600 for me; so I just paid regular "ceiling rent". I lived alone, without pets (yet residents were allowed to have large dogs and cats--up to 2 pets with a separate pet lease for each pet). My home was in lovely-structural and cosmetic condition with a jumbo sized closet with sliding doors and two removable shelves in foyer, that is between the living room or the entrance to the kitchen. The kitchen features a "walk through" meaning it could entered from the small foyer or from the dining room. The kitchen is not an eat-in kitchen, but it's outfitted with a full-size refrigerator, electric-stove with overhead exhaust fan,nice looking/spacious cabinets, full size-dishwasher along with decent counter space for small appliances and food preparations. The dining room is sizable for a dinette table with 4 chairs, but mostly realistic for a table for two (using a large table for 2 chairs). The dining room featured a ceiling fan with light and 1 sliding window. (The actual dining room was separated with a floral rot-iron room divider covered with a sheer curtain and used as an office with laptop connected to a large monitor and electric candle wax warmer with night light placed in the single window-----very cozy and comfortable as a primary hangout). The Living room is huge with attractive carpet , a large wall unit air conditioner and a individual electric heat controller. I used large fancy rot-iron and wooden room dividers to separate the living room into using 1-half as the living room with sofa, love seat, cock tail table and end tables while the other side was repurposed as the dining room or a table for two with a marble bakers rack for candle stick lamps and flowers; this was next to the large sliding balcony door leading to a large balcony (comfortable for 2 people with outdoor seating and grill or comfortable for 4 people without a grill and outdoor seating. The balcony is covered by brick with an aluminum rail that would minimize rain for entering the seating area and it's featured with 2 outdoor plug outlets. Leaving the living area and going into the short hallway, would have 1-full sized bathroom a generous sized face-bowl, exhaust fan, toilet, shower (the shower had 2 seats for foot washing or small sitting seats) and lockable door. Next the bathroom is a linen closet, that is generous in size) with multiple adjustable/removable wood shelves. Next to the linen closet (straight ahead in the hall) is a bedroom where I used it as a room to entertain. This room is suitable for a Queen size bed and perhaps a chest of drawer **which could be placed inside of the jumbo closet with sliding doors with two removable shelves**, a single window, attractive carpet, individual electric heat controller and lockable door. The other bedroom is HUGE, I had a night stand with lamps on the left and right sides and I had a table for 2 with 2 chairs next to the single sliding window for tea and breakfast. The window could be used to place a hot electric tea kettle and a slim lamp to keep the table for two exclusive for breakfast or dinner. The bedroom still has room for a television with stand and perhaps a chest of drawers (could make it crowded, but it could be place in this room). The bed room has a large wall unit air conditioner, individual electric heat controller and attractive carpet. This bedroom is also outfitted with a walk-in closet with 4 adjustable/removable shelves his/hers clothing racks with a pull-string closet light. Lastly the bedroom has an attached full-sized bathroom with a bathtub/shower combination for 2 average sized adults or 1 large person, a toilet, exhaust fan, large face bowl and very large counter space and 2 separate medicine cabinets with 1 fixed and 2 fold-able mirrors. Also a lockable door. The building was across from rent office and it was a pleasure most of the years I was there. My home was crispy-clean all of the time and I established a reputation with the rent office, so If I needed or wanted something to keep my home clean, pest-free and up to date on maintenance--I would visit the rent office often to have someone do "walk through" to learn my concerns and provide me with reasonable assistance. The neighbors throughout the Ravenwood Community were usually in the later 30's and much older--usually with a small dog or 2. It was quiet the multitude of the time, however very seldom---the community would experience a "move out", so the dumpster(s) would be crowded or perhaps have trash on the sides of the dumpster; but not left there long. Holidays would quiet most of the time, but seldom you'd have a few music players and people with children being entertained; which is reasonable and shows "life" there. Otherwise residents are very courteous with the clean up after their leashed-pets and I've never seen resident's strayed dog or heard annoying night time barking---the most I've heard is when you walk near a person's door---you may hear a small dog sense you and bark; but not long. Crime wasn't a major issue, I've never heard of an home invasion; however car windows and doors have been intruded and petty items taken---this is likely because of "Kentucky Plates" (but not always) coming on the parking lots with drug addictions looking for "opportunity" to steal and use their drugs. The property since about 2017 has camera throughout the rooftops and contracted-Security who tour the parking lots at various times of different nights (with results to catch criminals). Each building has commercial sized washers and dryers on all 4 floors that could be access 24 hour of any day and 1 floor with a vending machine area within the same laundry room. NOWW in either Late 2017 or Early 2018, the Swimming pool that was located next to the Rent Office has been removed and filled with concrete due to the basement underneath was experiencing leaking or flooding. No update about the plan for the previous swimming pool area. The Tennis, Basketball and Playground combination has been removed during the same year as the Swimming pool with no update to what would be placed there for residents. So I moved because my rent was raised to $675.00 United States Dollars but I didn't receive anything additional for my increase of rent. I'd suppose this is to pay for Security cameras/video, Security personnel to patrol the property, newer commercial washer/dryers, prompt trash collection by on foot staff who collect and dump the trash plus city/private trash collectors. I don't think it's fair to increase the rent but don't give me more; but actually reduce what I enjoyed as a resident. Lastly I didn't like the frequent rent increased and as mentioned by another Author of a Ravenwood Apartments review, is the frequent "cutting off" of the water for maintenance; which is important; but it's very short notice if any notice of the water being shut off. The water is not off longer than a few hours, but I suppose the plumbing is being updated or maybe many residents are contributing to the frequent/needed maintenance or possible weather, like dirty, gravel, grass or whatever else perhaps "backing up" the system. So I feel every housing complex or property could have it's "season" of noise, crime, rodents/pest, structural/cosmetic issues or rental increases; but overall--Ravenwood was home for me for years until the last 2 years (2017-2018) when the removable of the properties community areas and rent increases. Prayfully this review help. IF you're interested to actually see this exact home with me living there, you're welcomed to go to and copy and past this link to see my home on YOU TUBE: https:// This is Part 1 of the Sweet Suite Life Tour my Suits 960 SqFt USA https:// This is Part 2 of the Sweet Suite Life Tour my Suite 960 SqFt USA This is not Love or Hate review, but just providing the details of my experiences compressed within 8 years.
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