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Red Bank Reserve



Resident · 2004 - 2007
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Office Staff
This is the worst apartment complex I have ever moved into! First of all, the manager ( her name is Shirley ) is so unprofessional! She thinks she is the parking enforcement police. She loves to write out parking violations for the stupidest things ( minor rust, no hubcap, minor body damage etc. ) Its not like we live in a mansion- Its Madisonville! Next, the water is shut off all the time.( Like once a month ). They give you no notice when it is being shut off. Be prepared and buy gallons of water before you even move in. Once the water was shut off in 90 degree weather! Also, you think you got a deal with the pool- think again! The pool is never clean. They opened the pool and there was a bunch of dirt all on the bottom of the pool- who wants to swim in that. If I wanted to swim in a mess I would just walk down the street and jump into the creek! The apartments are not secured. People always break the locks on the doors so they never shut and lock behind you. Maintenence was ok for awhile until I found one of them in my living room when they didnt knock or sound the doorbell. They just had my key and walked in! Living here is not worth all the headaches. The rent is too high for the crap you have to deal with. The walls have cracks in them because the foundation is messed up. The carpet in the hallways really do smell like death! Just let this be your warning and enter at your own risk!
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Red Bank Reserve

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