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River Mews



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/31/2005
Well I first wrote a review ripping the place apart, but after reading reviews for the other places I was looking at before I chose this one, I'm glad I'm here! The office manager is very friendly, although she's hardly ever there and NEVER answers the phone. The few times I had to call for maintenance, the problem was fixed within 24 hours. The parking is okay, can't always get the best spot, but there are 3 levels of parking so there is always a spot somewhere within walking distance. The safety and security factor is wonderful! I feel completely safe walking down the street by myself after dark! I have never heard of any break-ins of any cars. I did have a USPS package wind up missing (don't know if it was the office staff's fault, the post office's fault, or if somebody stole it.) There is no security staff per-say, but there really is no need. The complex itself is very quaint. The pool leaves a little to be desired but it's still nice to have. My apartment itself: it's not a luxury place, but it's cozy. It was very clean when I moved in. I LOVE the brick wall for aesthetic reasons! The only problem I have with the place is the lack of quality in the construction! My 9lb cat can make the floor creak! Heaven help you if you like to sleep in and your upstairs neighbor is an early riser! I'm a light sleep and don't like noise! I do hear a neighbor's TV/radio all the time, but I'm sure they can hear mine, and they don't keep it on for extended periods of time. Only occationally can I hear anybody living anywhere except for above me. Overall, it seems like a good enough place. The location is the best part!
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River Mews

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