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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/04/2007
The apartments are spacious and the walls thick so you are not constantly hearing your neighbors on the other side. The only problem we had with noise was from outside, the parking lot is constantly full of cars (with no open spaces causing us to have to pay for parking)with loud music blaring or someone just speeding around squealing tires for no purpose, people walking around late at night yelling or just being obnoxious. The reason you hear so much of this is because the windows are so thin and there are leaks in them so be prepared to burn up electricity in order to continually keep your apartment either cool or warm causing your electricity bills to be high. We dealt with this and everything was fine, until power went out for about 4 days not the apartments fault but the consequences were. The water in the heating pipes froze so once the power came back we still had no heat almost for the entire month. subsequently we were freezing and were forced to buy a space heater for the bedroom. There was no water so you could not flush the toilets or take a shower. It took like what seemed forever for them to get the heat back on. Then while they were repairing the units in my apartment they were constantly coming in and out of our apartment leaving the door unlocked while we were away. I would get in the shower with no one there and get out to a repairman being in the apartment, no a girls favorite thing. the repair men tracked dirt all through out the apartment without any regard to the people that live inside. Once all the heating was fixed everything was fine until it started to warm up, then the cockroaches came out to play. Not a pleasant sight to walk into your kitchen to see a HUGE cockroach sitting on your clean dishes. We complained and they sprayed for bugs.A week later I caught one and we brought it to the office, needless to say the people there to look at apartments probably went home with no intention of coming back, the thing was freaking huge! The woman in the office was disgusted but told us that it was "just" a wood roach and that they were more afraid of us than we were of them... I was not afraid just disgusted.She then said that the manager was on vacation so we could talk to her in a week. When we got to talk to the manager she said the same thing but got someone to come in and seal in all the holes in the heating unit we had complained about when we first moved in 5 months prior. Still to this day we see roaches crawling in the elevators over our heads, in the laundry room, or in our apartment. No matter how many times they spray there are back in a few days it seems. I mentioned earlier that i have to pay for parking in order to have a space to park, it is supposedly patrolled by security and there is a bar across the entrance that is pass code operated. The bar is always broken and security never comes by. in one week i had my car broken into 2 times. the first time someone broken the windows out of we counted about 8 cars in all 3 levels of the parking garage, that takes time and makes noise so where the heck was the security through out all of that? Maintenance is always timely i do have to say that but i have on several occasions woke up to the maintenance man coming in. They do not always tell you when they are coming and that i really hated. So if you have a clogged sink it will get fixed really fast but you lounge around nude you could be in for a surprise, or should i say that the maintenance man could be in for a surprise? one last thing i promise the hallways always smell of either garbage or of pot and they are dimly lit. I hope this helped! happy apartment hunting.
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