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Tower Place Apartments



Resident · 2004 - 2011
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Office Staff
I have absolutely NO CLUE what these people are saying when they say that their stay here has been a positive one! This WILL BE our last Four Towers/CMC Management property that we lease from! We have been here for 7 years now, so I feel that we can be more BELIEVABLE than the other posts listed above! Initially, the first year was a great one! Maintenance was quick to respond, as there was 1 maintenance man assigned EXCLUSIVELY to this building only! It was a senior/adult only building; peace and quiet, nice, clean exercise facility, and nice billiard room! Well, because they could not rent units, they started moving in Section 8 tenants and families with DESTRUCTIVE KIDS and, well, you can figure out the rest! This place went to hell QUICK! The billiard room was heavily damaged, as was the fitness area (machines were torn up by kids who were running around the place unsupervised)! I have seen kids drawing on walls while parents watch! Because the billiard room was torn up, they decided to lock it up after hours, so don't believe that you have access to these facilities if you work during the day, because they lock it up when they leave at the end of the day! The elevator "roof", again, torn up by destructive kids, I can assume. I have not had a decent night's sleep in over a year because people do not know how to walk down the steps properly, not to mention they're banging on the walls; our BEDROOM WALL is on the other side of that wall, and I get woke up EVERY NIGHT by rude, inconsiderate people. Over this past weekend, someone was GRILLING WITH A CHARCOAL GRILL, and the fumes got into our apartment building, causing me to have serious asthma problems, among other things! As far as I know, they (the landlord) were cited, but (as far as I know), the tenant is still here, and I am livid! This is a STATE LAW, and these people were not punished in any way. The management here is indifferent to tenant concerns (for example, there were MANY complaints about the barbecue grill), yet, as I said, the landlord WAS cited by the fire marshal, but no other action was taken as far as I know. The noise here is horrendous, not just in the middle of the night when people are trying to sleep! This building may advertise that it's secure, but how is a building secure when you have tenants sticking batteries, rocks, sticks, etc. in the door to let their friends in because they are too damn lazy to come downstairs or use the elevator to do so themselves? I quit working out late in the Evening (not that I could anymore, anyway, because they lock the place up)because I am AFRAID to do so! Who knows who is getting in here when tenants leave the door open for their friends to enter! My advice to anyone CONSIDERING renting this property is this: DON'T! ALL THEY WANT IS YOUR RENT CHECK AND THEN THE HELL WITH YOU!
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Tower Place Apartments

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