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Tower Place Apartments



Resident · 2012 - 2013
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Office Staff
When I first moved in I LOVED this apartment. Some minor things wrong but nothing I couldn't live with, like the rust stained tub, missing/ old grout, faucet a little leaky. It was the middle of summer when my husband and I moved in, and we saw some small bugs on the walls in the hallway. Thought nothing of it, big complex middle of summer they were probably coming in through the doors and the balconies. Later on discovered that these small bugs were BEDBUGS! I was thoroughly DISGUSTED. I had never even seen one before I found them on my mattress. I knew I had some welts but I had chalked it up to the new detergent I was using. I really thought it was an allergic reaction. I called up the apartment office and told them what I found. I was in tears because in all honesty I was angry and a little scared about these bugs. They told me they would send an exterminator out that Friday. I called on a Wednesday. It took 2 weeks for an exterminator to come out. I had already thrown out my couch and mattress. I bought a whole new love seat and mattress set and put on bed bug covers. This exterminator told me to throw away my new love seat because it was "probably infested" no inspection, not even a second glance. Also he insisted I get name brand bed bug covers at almost $70 a pop. One for the mattress, one for the box spring. It took me a while after all that isn't a little bit of money. That's half of my paycheck! He came out 3 or 4 times, declared my apartment clear of the bugs and never returned.2 or 3 weeks later I found several more on the ceiling, called and reported it, was told he would be out the following Wednesday. That was over a month ago, despite repeated calls and going down there to speak to them he has yet to make an appearance. According to Cincinnati's housing code 1117-45.7 "Every owner or operator must exterminate any insects, rodents or other pests on the premises" They obviously aren't doing that. Besides the bedbugs which in my opinion is reason enough to never rent here, the staff is highly unprofessional. My sister came to visit and had security hitting on her when she went out to the car, they had pulled over asking for her number and her name, which isn't so bad. But I have also had the staff here make slurs against me. One of the office workers, many who live on the premises called me a "------ -----" evidently its allowable to make racial slurs against people when you aren't on the clock. Finally, I had had enough. I contacted my lawyer who said to break the lease and move. I gave 30 days notice which at the lease signing was all I was told I was responsible for. They sent me a letter stating it was 60 days notice and I would be responsible for the remaining months on my lease. Needless to say I am still leaving, and have been meeting with my attorney as we are considering pursuing litigation.
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Tower Place Apartments

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