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Tower Place Apartments



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vrp · 2011 - 2012
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Office Staff
"Social scene": No stars becuase there is none...a go-on-about-your-own-business atmosphere. "Amenities": Only water is provided, even though water and electric (and I believe heat) is provided in at the 4 towers buildings (its the same complex). If you dont get an apartment with a washer/dryer hookup, be prepared to be greatly disappointed. My first year, i didnt have a washer dryer hookup, and i would time my cycles, and i probably found my, still wet clothes sitting on top of the washer or dryer, from where someone took them out before the cycle was done and threw theirs in. And then theres always a couple that arent working. Not sure if they fixed that this year or not. "Maintenance": is a nightmare to deal with; if they even answer your requests at all. In order to get some things fixed, I either had to fix it myself, call every single day till they finally got fed up with hearing after a few weeks, or have them come out again because they didnt fix the problem correctly. "Safety": There are no lights in the back parking lot, only two or three emergency lights on each end of a pretty long building and one in the middle, that are triggered by motion, and they dont always turn on. There are always kids playing in the parking lot, especially on top of the hill between tower place and four towers, i actually had a little, what looked to be a, 3 year old kid run out in front of my car without even looking. People speed around that corner all day, if I were one of those people and not paying attention, that little kid would have been hit and possibly killed. there was NO parental supervision anywhere around, I walked over after i parked and looked. I called the office to report it, they said they would send security and no one ever showed. "Parking": depends, im not sure why, some days, its fine, and then some other days, you have to fight to find a spot or hike to your apartment. Kids are always outside throwing balls and playing around the cars, ive had to go outside on multiple occassions and tell them to stop playing or find somewhere else because they hit my car a couple times. "Value": I am moving at the end of this lease because i pay $690 a month for a two bedroom, (the apartment complex right next door is $200 cheaper for about 10sq ft more, and they have community bbq's and they are very courtious) when i can barely get my maintenance requests taken care of (they have broke the terms of the lease before; our AC went out when it was over 100 outside everyday, and even though it states when its over 85, it HAS to be fixed within 24 hrs bc it is then considered an emergency maintenance issue then, it took them a little over two weeks to fix it, when i also included the fact that my boyfriend has a heart condition, he has had two strokes, and if he gets overheated, he could have another. They didnt care. Still took them two weeks to get out. Even then, the guy ended up leaving parts out and not completing the job, which made it flood our floor (took them a week and a half to come fix that). And they are always so rude, and they wont give you a reciept when you turn your rent in, you better have carbon copies of your checks or youre out of luck. So I would say it is not worth the money I am spending to live here. "Quiet": For the most part, its alright, but nightly, you will hear kids running up and down the hall yelling or crying. Do NOT get an apartment near the dining hall. People rent it out for birthdays and company events. You will hear them at all hours of the night, and the complex wont do anything about it. It would be nice if there was a cut off time of the night so you wouldnt hear blaring music and yelling and laughing across the hall at 1am but no, guess not. "Location": You better have a good alarm system installed on your car. I moved here and there are always people walking up from the streets and up the hill from the busted gate that seperates us from aspen village (they wont fix bc an insider said it was just too costly) so instead they got a renta-cop service who, half the time, is hanging out in the pool hall that was there for our enjoyment but converted it to their office or sitting in their trucks up front. People STILL walk through this place late at night, and my car was busted into to steal some jumper cables and a $20 radio.... so better hope you dont have a super expensive system in there... if theyll risk that for a $20 radio and some cables, im sure they wont stop at taking yours. Ive also had stuff disappear off the patio. $1 sandwich bags (for picking up dog poopies), brooms, i had a decorative item, and they made off with it, so just keep your decorating to the inside if you want to keep everything. "Staff": The year before, we had our own staff and maintenance for Tower Place. They were amazing! They were on top of their stuff, any time you needed something, it was done within a day or two, and if there was an issue, they would ALWAYS let you know and give you an exact time frame. They were relatable, knew you personally, they cared. But this year, CMC let them go to save themselves a buck, and now, you deal with the four towers staff. Theyre always rude, most of the time, you stand around and wait to just get acknowledged. One thing to watch out for, if you live on the first floor, people will let their dogs walk around off-leash and poop in your "area", then you will get a notice saying that you have let your dog poop and not clean up after it, and if it happens again, it could lead to termination of your lease... even if youre someone who regularly picks up after your pet. I called to complain about these things and they told me they cant do anything about it, unless they are caught in the act. They are NEVER up here, scouting around, making sure everyone is cleaning up after their pet. "landscaping": Nothing above average. Little flowers here and there, the water fountain up front isnt running half the time, and when it is, it just looks flimsy. They have a landscape crew that comes around and trims hedges and mows. Thats about it. If you take walks around the building, you will see dog droppings regularly in the grass areas, especially by the big hill in the front. So all-in-all, not worth it to me. I would rate it a one out of five stars.
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