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Williamsburg of Cincinnati



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erps • Resident 2004 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/25/2005
I feel that the first person's review gives a very inaccurate desciption of what it is like to live here. I am 3/4 of the way through my lease and plan to stay here all through college (2 more years). I am a WHITE, single female; single mother of two WHITE 4 year old little girls. While I do feel like the minority being white (I am the only white person on my street) I am not the least bit uncomfortable. My first apartment was in Greenhills-a Mayberry that happens to be in Cincinnati. When I lived in Greenhills, I sensed neighbors trying to take advantage of my vulnurable situation...I know that I am in a vulnurable situation so I look for this. I am also the only single mother on my street. My kids keep their bikes outside alond with my grill and patio furniture; nothing has ever been touched. When I though I heard a noise in my house, my neighbor (a black man) came and checked it out for me. When my car wouldn't start, another neighbor (also black) jumped my car at 6:00 am. When I locked my keys in my car in the middle of Nov. while getting ready to leave to take my kids to school and go to work, another neighbor (a black woman) let me in her house not even knowing my name to let me use the phone and wait for another ride. When my car broke down in the parking lot, another neighbor (a black man) fixed it for free. The list goes on and on. I had never been on a first name basis with any of these good samaritans at the time that they helped me out. I have never felt unsafe with or vulnurable to my neighbors. I like this place so much and feel so safe with my neighbors that I am willing to pay over $800/month to live in my townhome while raising two little ones on my own and attending nursing school. That says enough in itself.
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Williamsburg of Cincinnati

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