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Lewis Manor



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duvessa42 • Resident 2001 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/28/2002
Well, we moved into this place last July after a rushed search for apartments around the area. There are currently two property managers, one who *used* to live on-site and another who never answers calls unless you leave repeated messages. I can´t say the place is terrible, but... <br> <br>We live in the front of the building with a nice view of the little park across the way. Unfortunately, the only access to our apartment is either 1) up some steep steps in the front, 2) up a poorly designed fire escape from the side, or 3) through the back part of the building, up the stairs, around some corners and finally over the same fire escape. It´s poorly designed (I can only imagine being handicapped and living here) and takes ten minutes just to get to your parking lot - on Mayfield Road. If you park on the street overnight you WILL be ticketed. <br>It takes the same amount of hustle and bustle to get to the single laundry room near the back lot and the exercise area - not to mention the "deck". <br> <br>Maintenace, yes, is not a fun thing to think about. Lately they will call and leave a message during the day - while most everyone´s away - or leave a brief note under your door to tell you of a visit that same day. And I don´t know how many times we had to call to actually try and get a *wanted* visit. <br> <br>The neighbors aren´t too bad, but you can hear just about everything that happens in the place (we get noise complaints all the time and we hardly do anything louder than whisper level). Not to mention that I got hollered at for playing my flute at 8:00. <br> <br>Kitchen size and layout is absolutely appalling. We can barely fit the two of us in there at the same time, and there is NO counter space whatsoever. The bathroom layout is also pretty bad; you bump your knees on the sink quite often. <br> <br>All in all I can´t say I *hate* the place, but I certainly don´t like it, and don´t believe it´s even close to worth the amount we pay for it every month. We´ve been looking around a bit and seen much larger and better facilities close by for at least $100 less. <br>
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Lewis Manor

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