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Fairhill Towers Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/16/2007
I moved here because it was close to school and the timing was right. But if I was not moving at the end of the month; I would be moving. The heating duct runs against the wall that faces the outside of the building, and the ducts runs through the wall into the other apartments. So, the mice are able to move through the apartment building that way. I had to set traps at the end of each opening, but I still had mice in my apartment. In fact as I was packing I found a DEAD mouse at the back of my closet. You pay over 600$ for a 1 bedroom, there should not be mice or roaches in your apartment. I had some issue with maintenance honestly; I could careless about maintenance issues. My issues were the fact that the apartment had pest problems and was not modern enough for what I was paying. I had seen other places for about the same and they were nicer. I only moved there because the timeline was right. My apartment faces the parking lot so I get to hear when the ambulances run lights and sirens up or down from Kinder hospital (behind the apartment building). I had to keep my thermostat at 80 to get my bedroom warm and it still a little cool. So the rest of my apartment was like a sweatbox. The roach sightings are increasing, I think I see at least one roach a day now inside or outside my apartment. There were nice things about this place they would deliver my packages from the US Post office, UPS and etc to my apartment. Overall I have to say I had a pleasant stay but I am very happy to move out and glad I can get out before it really started to get intolerable.
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Fairhill Towers Apartments

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