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Huntington Green



Resident · 2006 - 2008
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Office Staff
If you want to put money toward nothing this is the place to live. I have lived her for almost 2 years now, and once my lease is up I'm leaving! When we first moved in, it seemed like the best apartment ever. But, once you're in and the lease is signed, it goes downhill. There is only 1 competent person in the whole leasing office. The property manager thinks that she is best person ever and that Goldberg Companies doesn't owe anyone anything. Another person doesn't have any compassion and just send out random eviction notices to people, and once she realizes her error doesn't even say sorry. They advertise this start of the art gym, don't hold your breath. The equipment should be condemned, because you might break a leg on the elliptical. My boyfriend and I have complained about a water issue for almost 1 year now, and still nothing has been resolved. The water in the shower goes from normal to scalding hot for anywhere from 2-10 minutes. The property manager blames it on the construction and told us to take it up with the city, well construction hasn't been going on for almost 6 months now! Also, if you like a draft and the fact that you windows bang with any slight wind, this is the place for you. I had to duct tape my windows to prevent draft and stop the rattling. The window are ancient, but if you ask for them to fix or replace them, they say it's too much money and do anything. The maintenance staff is a piece of work, with the head maintenance guy sitting in his office all day with his feet propped (literally). I had maintenance come to my apartment to check out my refrigerator since it was leaking (classified as an emergency on their checklist). They came to the apartment and told me "yep, it's broken." Took them almost 2 months (and another visit) for them to replace it. Also, when it snows (as it is Cleveland) and it turns to ice. They don't lay down salt or plow. It's an obstacle course to get to your car in the morning after a snow/ice storm (or any amount of snow). They let the snow sit till it washes away naturally, I have seen so many cars just slide right back down the parking lot. IT'S HORRIBLE! I feel bad since the community has elderly individuals that reside in many of the buildings, I can only imagine how they get around. Safety is another issue. The security door to the apartment has been broken since before I moved in. It's currently broken again and they haven't even bothered to fix the lock. I can just walk into my apartment building, as can anyone else. The parking needs to get figured out. There isn't a fee for parking which was a highlight when we initially moved in. Now, it's a nightmare. People have everyone and then some over at night. You pay a ton of money in rent to come home at night to park somewhere it's not lit and have to walk across parkings lot to get to your building. You can pay $35 extra a month to get garage parking, but it's insane to add that to already insanely high rent they charge. Don't waste your money. They don't care if you stay or go. They don't know how to take care of their residents (even simply laying of salt is an effort). Take your money elsewhere, you can get a better apartment cheaper!
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Huntington Green

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