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Huntington Green



Resident · 2010
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Office Staff
I have lived in these apartments 10 months now. From the first month I had regretted the situation I have gotten myself in. Now we also ignored all the negative reviews for this place thinking it wouldn't be a big deal and we could fix the problem if it came along. First off, the walls are paper thin, you can hear the people next to you sleeping and their whole phone conversations. We have gotten "letters" from the company while we were away on vacation saying that we are getting complaints for "too much traffic" through the halls and noise, when we weren't even present that week. Next, they do not spray for bugs. We wake up EVERY morning with centipedes and spiders all over the walls. I think we have spent more money on raid than we have for our rent. The door knobs are all falling off and even when your door is locked, you can walk right into your apartment. When we first looked at the apartment it was clean and spacious but within a week everything was falling apart. Our fridge had a leak they said was going to be fixed before we moved in, never was. They have sent the same person in 3 times to look at it. Its never been fixed and every time he comes in he takes everything out of the fridge and freezer, which then spoils after he spends the entire day making it worse than before. We have had non working plugs from day one, which still has not been fixed. The rain comes in through the celing fans and they say they will send someone and still 4 months after the problem arised, have not. Every time you call you're on hold for fifteen minutes, and when they return, they say they will have to call you back. Last week, we called and the maintence guy called back telling us he recently got his license taken away and asked us to pick him up in order to fix an outlet. NEVER once have the called back, we continually have to call back multiple times. Now, the second time, they have conviently "lost" our check and we owe them a late fee. Even after handing it to them personally the say rent is due. There is no "happy" community when you live here. We have had our neighbors knock on our door and join us on our complaints over the same things we experience. All the employees have quit, new ones are there monthly. We recently signed a new lease at a new apartment. Ironicly enough, the lady who signed us into huntington greens moved back to her previous apartment job and she signed us into the new one. She has also told us of the current problems she had at huntington greens. Now that we are moving in one month, they are telling us that we have to give 3 month notice. Our lease does not imply that what so ever. So make sure you read every lease all the way down to the fine print. They will summarize it aloud to you and expect you to sign while you're in their office immediatly. This place is a complete rip off and the company does not offer any help. I have honestly never been so miserable in my life.
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Huntington Green

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