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Mystic Creek Apartments



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Office Staff
RetiredonFourth • Resident 2003 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/15/2007
PARKING ---> TOTAL NIGHTMARE<br>NOISE LEVEL -> OFTEN NOISY<br>GROUNDS ----> UNINSPIRED & DULL<br>SAFETY ----> YOUR VEHICLE AT RISK TO DAMAGE<br>CONSTRUCTION -> CHEAP CHEAP POOR INSULATION<br>MAINTENANCE --> CALL SOMEONE ELSE<br>OFFICE STAFF --> *SEE BELOW<br>WOULD YOU RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO A FRIEND--<br>---> NO<br>............................................<br> This place is not the best place for your money- " Section 8 allowed" and it shows.<br> The "Office Staff" is 1 person for 164 units who has 1 maintenance man that looks busy. The Leasing agent is the best they have had here in years! She at least tries to have things done, unlike the other onsite manager that was more concerned about her looks and if she would make it to the bar after work. Remember, you can only work with what you have and the new manager does'nt have much to work with. Maybe the Mayor will have to tour the lot again to see the elderly and handicapped digging out their own place to park and then compare how well one lot has been cleaned to the other. Why can't the maintenance man use the snowblower to clean the snow filled spaces no one can get into? Just blow the snow into the lot and let the plow push it?<br> And if he does'nt want to do it I'm sure they could hire a "resident" that would be willing to do it. Better yet hire a resident! Maybe they could find someone willing to get up in the early hours to clean the sidewalks and use the salt just sitting in the stairwells. Because the maintenance man they have now is very lazy.<br> I would like to thank the person who told me about this site and wish more residents knew of it. <br>
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Mystic Creek Apartments

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