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Rockport Apartments



Prospective Resident · 2020
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Office Staff
This place is shady. First,the only accept money orders for the application fees (no cashier checks or cash) which costs applicants an extra and unnecessary fee. Then, they require 10 page application. And then it takes > 10 days to process it. They never follow up -- instead the applicant has to call to check status. Additionally, they require birth certificates for all residents -- and these are not disclosed at the time of the application! Turns out, these document requirements should've been disclosed at the time of the application but the leasing agent failed to mention (else there would've been time to obtain for the applicant that was born out of state). The leasing manager claims that all rentals in Ohio require this as state law (which is completely false). When asked for the specific revised code, she could not cite one (of course she couldn't because it's not an actual law). Also, they give unrealistic timeframes. Applied 7-20-20 for a move in of 8-1-2020 and that is impossible. Lastly, the people that work here don't follow masking or social distance guidelines. Each time I went to the office to drop off forms (I was not the applicant) there were several people hanging out in the tiny office with no masks and less than a few feet apart. No wonder the reviews of this place are so bad. I'd stay away unless you're truly desperate -- but even then you likely will end up homeless because this place is a bureaucratic nightmare.
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Rockport Apartments

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