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The Brick Lofts at Historic West Tech High

2201 West 93rd Street

Cleveland, OH 44102



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/12/2007
I have been living here for approximately year and a half now. Alot of changes have been made since I first started living here, those changes for the better. <br><br>There were fire alarm problems before, but stated finally have recently been fixed due to the system being improperly hooked up from the start. Sometimes there are people being loud in the hallways by talking, but nothing bad.<br><br>The building itself is well kept and even has a recreational center for us. There is also the option to park in a garage rather than the parking lot. Both are very lit up areas at night.<br><br>The staff in the office is extremely nice and professional. They also care and make sure that if I have a problem that it is taken care of. Both of the office women are so nice to have here at the building.<br><br>Lastly security for the building is good, both with cameras and an armed guard. Suprisingly I found out that half of the security guards are also police officers so I am told. Good luck finding that elsewhere. The very few problems I have had, the main officer was very courtious and also very professional. It was very reassuring to have him here. <br><br>Security here has done an excellent job of eliminating the many problems that were here before. It is almost like night and day the difference.<br><br>Again I enjoy staying here even though I was hesitant to move to Cleveland originally. It helps very much having a place that I enjoy living. If in the area check it out.
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The Brick Lofts at Historic West Tech High

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