English Village

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English Village

4079 Abbey Court, Columbus, OH 43213
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Resident 1995 - 2010


This use to be a great place for families. The rental company didn't accept everyone and towed a hardline but it worked. This could be a very beautiful community again if some pride in ownership returned. You just dont see communities like this built anymore. If you dont care about your property only people who dont care will move in.

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    Resident 2017


    The Villas & Estates at Eden of Whitehall reviews Reviews from the web Apartment Guide 2.8/5 4 votes 4/5 38 reviews Google review summary 5 ? 4 ? 3 ? 2 ? 1 ? 3.0 132 reviews Rate and review on Google Google reviews Most recent Aquellah Turner Aquellah Turner 2 reviews in the last week This has to be the worst apartments EVER. I have been here 5 months. When I first went in they showed me a basic model of their apartments. I told them that I like it and it was renting for $687 3bedroom flat. They had me sign a welcome paper they never explain this paper in depth but instead they say that they was just putting on that paper they had added how much it would be for me to move in should I get aproved. They took off $100.00 for a move in special then another $50 for that game I play to win money off my deposit. Now it sound good but let me remind you that all of this was pinding me getting approved. At which point I was told by Justice that I needed a money order for my deposit… See More>
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      Resident 1995 - 2016


      Its a wonderful place to live I grew up here its a family oriented place and it's amazing nice and very friendly

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        Resident 1999 - 2016


        HUGE decline now that New Life Properties has taken over. Over the past several years, then entire neighborhood has declined. People who have lived here decades are moving out left and right. Myself included. These people couldn't care less about their residents. It's very sad considering the family run business that used to own the complex. Miss Lincoln Management very much

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          Resident 2015 - 2016


          It's not the change that bothers people! It's how easy or how difficult you make the change for them! Most of the staff is so rude! Treat people how you want to be treated! Also be advised of the crime rate in the city of whitehall. It currently triples the rates of Columbus, which Columbus is a much bigger city!

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            Resident 1996 - 2015


            This place used to have standards. Good, quality citizens of every race & nationality. Now, it seems they only rent to trash. I have lived here almost 20 years. The old management was family run. They put their hearts & souls into these apartments. If they were still running things, I could honestly say I would probably rent here indefinitely. Unfortunately, that all changed several years ago when New Life Properties took over. It's been all downhill since then. The sense of community and family is gone. In fact, not only do they not appreciate or care for the residents, they actually admit to being bothered with and not wanting to deal with issues such as maintenance. When something breaks or is not working correctly, we are forced to call in a work order multiple times before someone comes out. They do not work with you on timing. Too bad if you'd like to be there while they are because they will tell you "someone will be out within the next week". Wait, what!? How do you plan for that? Our apartment has been infested with bees for the past 2 summers. Not just outside,… See More>
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              Resident 2013 - 2015


              Eden of Whitehall is a decent place to live but you get what you pay for. My apartment is is okay shape, and is fairy large. There is an extreme lack of closet space. In fact, the largest closet is in the bedroom that doesn't lead to the attic. Also, 3 bedrooms is a bit of a stretch. Technically, it is a room, but I've also heard from multiple people that a room that is only accessed by another bedroomight not be a "legal" bedroom. That is not substantiated; just what most people have told me. Either way, it is a third ro that is serving as storage. As I said, you get what you pay for. I've lived inch worse neighborhoods, but I also do not go outdoors alone after dark. Lots of kids who aren't afraid to run in front of cars so be sure to be aware of your surroundings. The walls are thinner than any place I've lived before so I am frequently awoken by kids being kids and having fun. Nothing against the neighbors, I just wish the sound was more muted. As for maintenance, we've had nothing hit problems. We couldn't get anyone to address… See More>
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                Resident 2014


                This place is bull spit. Horrible living conditions. Drunks and very loud neighbors banging on the wall and shaking the whole town house. Drug dealers on the corner every day. Do not rent from this place.

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                  Resident 2013 - 2014


                  When first moving here, we didnt have any problems on our end, but just recently this summer theres been a bunch of new residents moving in and its been down hill since. Someone pooped on our front porch step, i reported it, they were supposedly gonna send a letter out, never did. Someone was going around going through peoples mail, leaving private information on the ground. The children out of control! No supervision throws rocks at cars and windows. They leave toys and trash in everyones yard and play in the streets near moving traffic. I have 2 children and just last week there was a shooting right outside my house! There are unhealthy couples always distrurbing the peace fighting and arguing outside. When we first moved in there was a huge drug bust across from house. I have heard of several car break ins and last summer our home was infested with bees and it took 5 calls , about a week, before maintainced resolved it. Cant wait to leave

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                    Resident 2012 - 2013


                    Do Not Move Here. The town homes look nice on the inside because they are updated. The walls are Very Very thin so thin that when maintenence paints or stains the home next door you can smell it. I heard every conversation that my neighbors had. I had to speak quietly because lord knows I didn't want my neighbors in my business. The rental office is not organized. The staff is very unprofessional. You always get different answers for the same question. They try to make you cut grass that your property is clearly not located on and charge you fifty dollars because you didn't cut grass that wasn't yours. They do whatever to charge their fifty fee. People run through the grass. The kids over here are out of control. This place sucks. Please don't let the online pictures fool you. The specials are not worth living here. RUN RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. DON'T LIVE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                      Resident 2013


                      Do NOT rent these apartments. The managenment is extremly rude..will not help with things that are broken..Our apartment almost burned down twice for faulty wiring. They nick pick at any and everything...a ball in your yard..a decoration on your door..They do no upkeep..it is your responsibility...and if it is not done they will put a note on your door and threaten eviction..over the littlest things. The office workers...Jamie to name just one is so rude. They are nice when they want to rent an apartment to you...but after that...sorry people...it's worse than living in a prison....Horrible...Horrible.....DO NOT RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE....THE NEW MANAGEMENT IS JUST TERRIBLE.....

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                        Resident 2000 - 2013


                        I have live in english village (now called the villas at eden of whitehall)for 15 years. And my grandmother has lived here for 30 years. The neighborhood was great and the management was wonderful until the new management took over about 1 or 2 years ago. Now i hate this place and I am planning on moving out and my grandmother is too. The neighborhood has gone very bad. The kids in the neighborhood have tried breaking in my house twice once succeeding. A friend of mine came over for about 30mins and some kids shot her back car window out with a bb gun and it was about 6oclock in the evening. In the passed week I have already seen two adult fights outside and Im not even home much cause I work alot. They just let anyone move in and the neighborhood has really gone bad just in the last year. I know alot of peolpe that had lived in this community for years and have moved out because of the neighborhood and the new management. The maintenance never fix anything right and the management is always are trying to charge you for anything done by the maintenance.… See More>
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                          Resident 2011 - 2013


                          We've lived here for about a year and a half now. I was so excited to move in, because we were promised a newly remodeled place. Everything LOOKED nice when we moved in, but we soon found out it was done poorly with cheap materials. The walls mark the second you touch them and if you try to wipe them off you will wipe off the paint. The carpet looked run down about a month after we moved in. A kitchen cabinet door fell off about a week after we moved in and even though they "fixed" it, it has fallen off again and we haven't bothered. Only two of our outlets were grounded when we moved in, and after they fixed that, we randomly lost power to half of our apartment. They pulled outlets out of the wall to fix them and then left them hanging out (despite me having a crawling baby at the time.) They came back to fix them, had to patch the wall, and never came back to paint. When we moved in the front door had a BATHROOM lock on it that could easily be popped by the outside. Our key did not work… See More>
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                            Resident 2013


                            THIS PLACE IS NOW CALL "EDEN OF WHITEHALL" DONT MOVE HERE!!! In March of 2013 my fiancee and I found Eden of Whitehall, and we were excited to move in. We paid a $226 fee to take the apt off the market, until April 23, 2013. On April 23, 2013 we went to the leasing office to sign our lease agreement and receive our keys (we were not permitted to view the apt before signing the lease). Moments after signing the lease we went to "our new home" only to find the apt was already occupied with ROACHES! In addition to the roaches, the paint on the walls was still wet, I am 6 months pregnant by the way! We brought this to the apts attention and asked for our money ($419 that we had paid less than an hour ago) back. Instead of them giving it back, they acted as if it wasnt a big deal, assured us they did a "thorough walk through" of the apt, and requested that we allow them to find another apt to move into. At this point I wanted to take more pictures and inspect te rest of the apt, in addition I… See More>
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                              Resident 2008 - 2012


                              This complex was purchased by a new management company at the beginning of 2012 and is now called "Eden of Whitehall". From the time we moved in (2008) until the management change things were fine. Once the new management took over, it was all downhill from there. With the new management, trying to get a maintenance request was futile. Our oven broke - they told us we had to fix it at our expense. We had huge potholes in our driveway that got worse with ice and rain in the winter, to the point where we had to park halfway down our driveway - they told us they "weren't doing anything to the driveways right now" and refused to fill the holes, even though they were ruining our car. Our neighbor constantly smoked pot in their house and the smell seeped right through the ventilation system into our bedroom and living room - management basically shrugged their shoulders and didn't pursue it. They repainted the outside window frames, but they got paint EVERYWHERE (including the window glass) to the point where the paint got UNDERNEATH our windows and literally sealed them shut. … See More>
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                                Resident 2009 - 2010


                                Good for the price

                                My husband and kids have lived in English Village for about 1 1/2 years - we started in a townhouse and moved into a one story after our lease was up on the townhouse. In general, the apartment community was pretty good - a great price for the size, and the fenced in backyards are a huge plus with having two preschoolers. At the same time, you get what you pay for - cheap fixtures, cheap door hinges that occasionally have screws that come loose, very cheap paint on the walls (one of my kids got jelly on the wall, and I used a Magic Eraser to get it off - guess what - it also took off the paint). However, in general these are pretty minor fixes. We had a lot of foundation problems in our townhouse that eventually caused leaking in our basement, which is partly why we moved into a one story. (Why pay more rent for a basement you can't even use?) The office staff was generally really good at responding to various issues. For those on a budget, this is a great alternative to other big apartment conglomerates… See More>
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                                  prospectiveVisited 2010



                                  My fiance and I recently looked into moving to english village. When we went there to look at the models the employees didn't even come with us to show the apartments, they just handed us the keys and sent us out by ourselves. We saw the model of the townhome and really liked it. We turned in our application and paid $40 to do so. (that was the biggest waste of $40 i have ever spent) The people in the rental office would not let us look at any of the actual apartments we would potentially move into until we had our $100 money order for our deposit. When we got there to turn in our deposit they wrote down addresses of available town homes. We then drove around the neighborhood and looked at them by ourselves, once again no body came with us in case we had questions or anything like that. Upon viewing the 5 units we found that one of them was occupied. One had a shopping cart outside of the unit and when we went inside we found that there was no carpet, there were dead flies all over the floor, cigarette butts and trash on… See More>
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                                    Resident 2007 - 2009


                                    no problems

                                    I have lived here for two years and have no complaints. Maintenance issues are resolved quickly, and the price is good for the space you get. I believe the management does a good job of screening tenants because it is quiet and well maintained. There are staff who even cruise the neighborhoods to pick up trash in the street etc.

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                                      Resident 2008


                                      WE LOVE IT!!!

                                      My sister, her boyfriend, and my friend just moved into English Village a little over a month ago. WE LOVE IT!!! We live in a 3 bdroom townhouse. It was newly remodeled, freshly painted, new blinds, and new carpet. We liked being able to go into the MODEL homes by ourselves so that we could discuss what we liked and didn't like. But even in the model, we knew this was where we wanted to live. We got a list and keys of the available houses, so WE got to PICK which house we wanted. Our neighbors are friendly, and the neighborhood is peaceful and safe. Its nice to see young kids outside playing without parental supervision. Also the old guy next door that sits in his chair in the front yard and sleeps all afternoon. Obviously he feels pretty safe here. We also like having our own driveway and fenced in yard. Its close to almost everything from supermarkets, restuarants, shopping, parks, and of course downtown Columbus. We definetly recommend English Village to ANYONE!!!! Come and check it out for yourself!!!

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                                        Resident 2007



                                        I moved in the English Village community on 06-02-07 and I think they are awesome. This is a great place for working class single families who need three bedrooms. It is very afordable and the referral bonus is amazing, $250 of your next months rent per refferal. It's a God send.

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                                          Resident 2000 - 2001



                                          The staff is a bunch of grumpy old witches that don't care at all. Whitehall is going down hill so unless your use to crime don't live here. Three murders and the apartments are old! overall they are probably the worst

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                                            Resident 2006


                                            I lived there for only lived there for a short while and and when my boyfriend got hurt and couln't work we had to move away, they told us that we still had to pay out the rest of our lease, but then someone moved into our old place so we got lucky! The duplexes are nice and spacious but nothing to brag about, the upstairs is always freezing and the fridge door was messed up when we got there but other than that it wasn't too bad I loved the place. I liked the fact that I had my own driveway.

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                                              Resident 2007


                                              My whole experience with English Village apartments and their staff has been terrible. The staff is a bunch of old rude, racist women who treat you like you're not important. I am surprised they have been able to work in the rental office as long as they have. It must be because their phone calls have never been audited. For starters they don't even show you the apartment they just give you the key and tell you where to go. Then they show you an apartment that is not even ready or completed done. That's terrible because that is the first impression. Since the apartments are over 50 years old you have so many maintenance problems and try to talk to the property manager at Lincoln Management about your issues she will never be there. She will only talk to you on the phone but never in person and of course nothing ever gets resolved-they just tell you what they can't do and never try to apaologize or compensate you. Overall I would give English Village a BIG FAT ZERO and will tell everyone never to rent from them.

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                                                Dogs Allowed
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                                                Restrictions: Breed restrictions apply.
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                                                2 Beds, 1 Bath
                                                3 Beds, 1 Bath

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                                                English Village is an apartment in Columbus in zip code 43213. This community has a 2 - 3 Beds, 1 Bath, and is for rent for $1,276. Nearby cities include Bexley, Upper Arlington, Whitehall, Gahanna, and Worthington.

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