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4695 Braddock Court, Columbus, OH 43220
4695 Braddock Court, Columbus, OH 43220

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Governours Square

4695 Braddock Court

Columbus, OH 43220



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/18/2007
At first Govs Square looked great! The lease was more expensive than most places and you can get nicer places for cheaper with the garage but at the time we didn't shop around. Here are many of the probs that we faced living here on a two yar lease.<br>1.Maintainence will never be there on time. <br> -We called in an electric outlit that was sparking which could cause a fire. This is an emergency supposivly at Govs Square. They said they would be right out. It took them one whole week!<br> -Another emergency we had was during the winter a horrible leak came in through the window damaging the floor causing mildew and leaking onto my bed. Maintance was supposed to come out but instead the Manager who is just awful decided to call and say that it would have to wait until Spring. They didn't even come out and look at it!<br><br>2. quality of Apartment is bad!<br> -the place always has air running through it, they did not seal the apartments well and your gas will be running constantly b.c of this. that brings me to another point. <br><br>YOUR GAS BILL IS AN AVG! THEREFORE IF YOU LIVE HERE YOU PAY FOR SOMEONE ELSE USING GAS. IF YOU USE NOTHING YOU STILL HAVE TO PAY WHAT OTHERS USE. WINTER TIME OUR GAS BILL IS 95.00 on AVG for a TOWN HOUSE, AND FOR A SINGLE IT IS 50.00. IN FALL AND SPRING GAS IS ONLY 50.00 for a TOWNHOUSE AND 40.0 for A SINGLE!<br><br>-also, the heater was not insulated which made the racket in the apartment awful, b.c it ran constantly.<br>-you can hear your neighbors thorough the ceiling if you live in a two bedroom or one bedroom, if you live in a townhouse you hear the music of every car that passes, you hear your neighbors beside you, basically you can hear everything.<br>-We had an ant infestation, we our very clean people, eat out alot, pick up after ourselves and our apartment always look emaculate. Still we had a horrible ant problem b.c they were living in the wall in the apartment. If you left a morsel of food in the sink it looked like the sink was all black with creatures. This problem took maintance 4 days to come out for. Iw ould have liked it sooner.<br>-In a town house your water will run out after 5min of showering so shower fast. the tank is small and it's pretty disapointing that you have to take a quickk shower to stay warm.<br>3. Pet policy is bad<br>-We had a dog which is very calm and layed back. I always believed in picking up poop whereever you go. Hardly anyone picks up their poop.<br>-In the leaseyou are not aloud to have' dangerous dogs' which include pit bulls, and other dogs on that list. You would not believe the amount of dogs walking around that aren't permitted here.<br>-they don't inforce the pet policy. lots of people brought in pets that aren't payed for and govs square doesn't know about them<br>-pet policy is 200.00 for application no refund! Then 20.00 per month<br>4.Just when you think it is all over you move out. THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF WHEN YOU MOVE OUT! Be there with the woman who checks your apartment. The charges we encountered were <br> -Did not sweep well enough --$30.00 (we did sweep very well but they found a way to make their moey)<br> -oven had residue on it ---$20.00 (yes it had residue, residue that was there before we moved in)<br> -Bathroom needed cleaned--$20.00 I promise you we are very clean, and I am not sure what they meant by this, by I cleaned that bathroom once a week it was spotless.<br> -Carpet dirty--15.00 (when we moved in we didn't get new carpet and it had a lot of wear marks and two stains. WHen we left we had the carpet cleaners come ina nd clean it, leaving us with one extra stain tat was 3inches long. I couldn't believe we were charged for a carpet that was 3 years old and was getting replaced when we moved out.<br> <br>5.Office workers are liars<br> -The girls in the office seem very nice and pretty when you walk in but, they are very mean, forget to give your maintance requests to maintance, and truly don't know anything about their job. I worked with all the ladys when we signed and all of them had a different idea of the costs of the apartment, and move in times, etc. They do notknow how to handle a complaint. IF have any little problem instead of asking how they can help or if they can come out and see the problem they send it right to the manager<br> -the manager is the worse type of person you want to deal with. He acts very nice at first, then when youget to know him he speaks very slow and monotone, and acts like we have no competence at all about anything. He then says he can't do anything about the problems you are havinng and you will just have to deal with it. Do get a maintance degree and plan on spending a lot of extra money to fix your apartment<br><br>The only people here that are nice are the maintance guys but they don't really know how to get alot of the jobs finished. They cut corners. Also they enjoy staring at college girls and drooling with their tounge out.<br><br>6.Facilities<br>-The pool is never cleaned (none of them) it's cloudy<br>-The work out facility is awful, the treadmills were broken when we moved in and are still broken now(the need new belts), it smells like Body oder in the workout facility. None of the equipment is up to standard. The Tv's were stolen out of their and never replaced. If you try to get in there which I tried 4 times to use it. Their were 5 ------- in there which was fine but they don;'t shower and wear long robes and thick shoes to work out in and the smell is just awful!<br>-The first year we lived here we had to use the washers and dryers that are for the community. They ate my clothes (put holes in them), made my clothes smell like chinese food, and are very small therfore they don't dry very well. The second year we got a washer and dryer in our apartment which was very nice and our apartment was remodeled.<br><br><br>-When it snows, your car will be stuck! They don't plow very well here at all and when they do they plow the cars into the parking lot so you have lots of trouble getting out<br>-My friend had her van stolen here at night around 11:00 in the evening<br>-Parking is usually very hard to come by in the evenings. You won't be able to always park close to your apartment<br><br><br>IN THE END I WOULD NOT LIVE HERE AGAIN. THE ONLY THING I LIKED ABOUT IT WAS THAT IT WAS CLOSE TO OSU AND YOU CAN DRIVE UP TO SAWMILL ROAD TO GO OUT. OVER THE PAST TWO YEARS WE HAVE FOUND MANY PLACES THAT ARE CHEAPER, NICER, INCLUDE A GARAGE, AND ARE LARGER. WE HAVE MANY FRIENDS THAT LIVE IN A VARIETY OF PLACES THAT ARE VERY HAPPY WITH THEIR APARTMENTS IN POLARIS, SAWMILL ROAD, TUTTLE, AND UPPER ARLINGTON. THEY ALL INCLUDE A GARAGE AND ARE AROUND $730.00 PER MONTH FOR A TOWN HOUSE. WE PAY $800 per month for a town house here and the singles are 600.00 permonth. THAT DOES NOT INCLUDE WATER GAS SEWER OR ELECTRIC. I KNOW OF OTHER PEOPLES EXPERIENCES HERE AND THEIRS ARE NOT GOOD EITHER. I AM NOT EXAGERATING MY STORY HERE I WANT TOLET EVERYONE KNOW THAT THIS WAS THE WORST PLACE I HAVE EVER LIVED IN> IT MAY LOOK PRETTY BUT THAT IS ALL!<br>
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Governours Square

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