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Grant-Oak Apartments



Resident · 2014 - 2015
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
The bad noise rating is not due to being able to hear neighbors, but because the apartment is near a hospital, so there's a pretty constant stream of ambulances and helicopters. It's not so bad, you get used to it. However, if you work a third shift and sleep during the day, good luck; the maintenance team is always banging around helplessly in the basement. It is extremely obnoxious and not ever really explained to the tenants. On the topic of maintenance, there is a lot of maintenance done here for some reason. It is usually done poorly and most of it is unnecessary. The painted all our doors for some reason. They didn't actually open them to paint them, just painted them closed and in the process, sealed our front door shut. The end result was not very attractive and stayed sticky/tacky for days. They also painted the CEMENT FLOORS in the hallway which is just plain stupid. There's just a lot of cases where I would have preferred they'd done nothing. The apartment itself creaks loudly every time you take a step. There is no central air, and I believe the studio units don't even get the window air conditioners. There is no dishwasher, and if you try to run a microwave and your fridge starts running, you are probably going to lose power and have to call maintenance because you don't have access to your own fuse box. The grounds are nice looking, and they are trying to plant more grass. During the winter (which feels like most of the year in Columbus) they didn't salt or shovel enough if at all. I was falling down as soon as I stepped out the door. This is pretty typical for the whole city though. The area is safe enough considering it's downtown. There are a lot of interesting folk digging through our garbage at night but no one has ever approached us or assaulted us. I wouldn't necessarily walk out there alone at night though. I assume the location is actually the driving force behind why people continue to rent here: There is not a lot of other options in this specific area. If you want to live here, you're probably a student at Columbus State, Columbus College of Art and Design, Capital University, or Franklin University. The library was an awesome thing to have next store but it will be under renovation for the next ~2 years. However, you still have the up and coming Bosco center across the street, and the Hills Market a stones throw away. I guess the main reason these apartments left a bad taste in my mouth was because of the management. Roxanne takes advantage of the fact that a lot of her tenants are basically kids out on their own for the first time and don't know any better than to put up with her shenanigans. Stay on her good side, or she will mysteriously take the rent a couple days early and overdraft your account. She doesn't have a whole lot of competition in this price range/area, so she does whatever she wants. Like for example making you pay a non-refundable security deposit before you even get to see the apartment you'll be living in. Not just an application fee, a full month's rent that you will not get back if the apartment is not in acceptable condition. Anyways, the sad part about all this is that you don't really have a choice. This is probably the best you're going to do, unless you have a car and can live further away from campus. It seems like everyone at my school has lived here at one point or another, so until the luxury apartments like Seneca and Abigail come down in price, the Grant Oak will continue to thrive.
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Grant-Oak Apartments

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