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Lennox Flats



Resident · 2017
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Office Staff
Lennox Flats apartments are far from luxury !!! For the luxury price you can get MAGGOTS, FLIES, and Spoiled rotting food behind the the stove and refrigerator. What tenant paying premium prices has to move the stove and refrigerator and cleanup this vile filth my son. At first glance the apartment seemed ok,but by no means pristine for the price. Then the swarming infestation of flying bugs, fruit flies, and other bugs where overwhelming. Photos and videos were presented to management with a response of( oh sorry this TYPICALLY does not happen) we will send a cleaning crew as soon as possible ( meaning days later). He did not want to leave the maggots and food for several days so had to clean it up himself. The infestation continued larvae could be anywhere the air ducts, inside the appliances under carpet who knows?? Every day the problem grew worse ,so my son requested to be moved and compensated. Lennox Flats management blamed my son for not allowing them to bomb the apartment. He was advised they could get rid of the bugs but to make sure no pets were around, I get the neuro-toxin is safe for people but not pets! This site does not allow me to post the videos or photos they were disgustingly gross!! If you want to cleanup filth and get charged extra then Lennox flats it for you.
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Lennox Flats

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