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Sawmill Crossing

6700 Allister Way

Columbus, OH 43235



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/08/2007
Hello There<br>Im a residence at sawmill crossing, and I would like to share my experience with you guys:<br>Appartment are built cheap no sound barriear what so ever, so injoy and share everything with you niegbor from walking. talking, flushing, showers and "fun"....belive some times those are not kind sounds you want to here at 3:00am.<br>any way add to that parking is so bad after 9:00pm either you have to park 2 buildings away or make some body's else life worse by him trying to back his car in a narrow street that you blocked and get you car scratched.<br>as far the worse experience i got her that made me wright this review is the winter season THE SNOW they have bucket fall with salt in frnot every door ...you think thats cool haa no...its do it your self, and if you want to use a shivel its available at the leasing office and guess what? they rent them, and the office opens at 9 or 10:00am so good luck if your work at 6:00am...even though who saied i want to do this any way its there job not mine..when I called and complained about it they saied if we take the responsiblity to do that and some body gets hurt then we are reliable for that but when its ours then they are not...it sounds stupid cuase its still there proberty right<br>if you came here to look at apartment or visit a freind and you slip ...guess what sewu us .............<br>And finaly this is what they sent us <br>*Snow removal will commence once the level of snow is 2.5" or more and it has stopped snowing.<br>ok...it stopped snowing two days ago every were else is safe to drive except our street my ABS breacks kicks off at no speed.<br>at the end they are only after your money they dont care about your safety.
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Sawmill Crossing

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