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Springburne Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/21/2007
I lived in Springburne for 2 years. When I first walked in I was impressed with the office staff. They were very nice and extremely friendly. I was impressed with some features of the complex, like the fact that if you are sick they will get your medicine for you, when you go out of town they will take care of your cats, personal things. I did run into some problems though. <br> My first month there my ceiling leaked during a rainstorm, pretty badly. It ruined all of my food in the cabinet and it leaked onto my stove and behind it. The stove in turn started to rust and there was moldy water on the sides and they never fixed it. All I had asked was that the stove be pulled out (so I would not rip the floor) so I could clean. They never came out and in two years let me tell you about the smell. I also had the walls in my attic collapse so I could see into my neighbors apartment. Luckily I knew my neighbor and trusted him but I still asked that it be fixed and I was assured that no one could come in. When I pressed the issue they said it could not be fixed because no one could walk across the beams to fix it. So it was never fixed. Also in the attic I found 2 huge piles of animal droppings. Worried that I might had raccoons or something I told them. The maintentance came out looked and said they were old not to worry about it. They never cleaned it up, nothing. Then for both winters that I resided in Springburne I had issues with my heater. Of course it went out at the worst times. The first winter it went out 3 times. They tried fixing it the first time but it went out again a week later. Since it was a Thursday they said no one could help me until Monday. Now the weather was below freezing so their solution was to provide me with a space heater, but I had to pay the electric bill (which sky rocketed). Now I had a cat and I worked 12 hour days so while I was at work I didn't want to leave it on. I had to find a home for my cat for that weekend. Plus I had to drag this little space heater to each room with me. The next winter my heater went out again and when the guy came to fix it he said that whomever fixed it the year before didn't even fix the problem.<br> They also have 2 regular maintenance men on sight at all times. I was majorly creaped out by one of the maintenance men. I don't remember his name but I caught himl ooking over my porch fence and into my bedroom window a couple of times,peaking almost. I got the creeps from him. The other older gentleman with a raspy voice was awesome and he was always friendly but not the other guy. Now to top the cake came a couple months before I tried to move out. Now I am partially to blame, I will admit this but since the staff was so friendly I thought they would have helped me out. In February I told the office staff that I would be moving to another state due to my job and I would not be renewing my lease come end of April. She told me that they would miss me but good luck. I was never told about the written notice I had to give. Now it was stated in my lease and I am at fault for not reading that but it would have been nice for them to have reminded me when they knew I would not be coming back. When it came down to it nasty words were said on both sides and the lease ended badly. I was very disappointed in the staff, especially the head manager. It ended that I had to pay out money that I did not have and I wasn't even living there.<br> I would not warn you to stay far far away but I also would never recommend this place. You can judge for yourself, but you should be aware of all aspects.
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Springburne Apartments

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