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The Elms Apartments



Resident · 2014 - 2015
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Living here was one of the worst mistakes I have ever made! The property does a fabulous job in making sure it hires ladies to work in the office that act like they care, but in turn do absolutely NOTHING to ensure happy tenants. I had so many issues while living here, it would be easier to list all of my issues with the property and it's management. 1. POT SMOKERS - One of our neighbors enjoyed smoking pot just a bit too much. It really says something about the construction of the building that we could smell the pot smoke in our own apartment. The neighbors smoked pot between 1-4x a week for about 4 months. We called the cops and the office management about it numerous times. At one point, I called the office 2-3x a week! One officer walked into our apartment and immediately stated - "Yep, that's definitely pot." He wrote up a formal complaint with a case #. Yet the office management could do NOTHING about the situation. The office said said give us proof and when we did, they still did nothing. 2. The neighbors we had were incredibly rude. At 3 am on a Sunday, we called the cops on them for domestic disturbance. The neighbors had some friends over, a fight ensued, screaming, yelling, fighting - the whole nine yards! The fighting lasted for almost an hour. We called the office about it the next day, of course, and they said they would 'handle' it. Handling it meant a slap on the wrist and suggesting that the other tenants not invite those friends over anymore - HA! 3. The construction of the apartment is outdated and not maintained well. Cold air leaked into our apartment all winter through the front door and windows. 4. The apartment was dirty when we moved in in 2014, but clean when we moved out in 2015, yet a "cleaning fee" was taken out of our deposit. Deposits are supposed to be for damages, NOT cleaning! 5. Lack of communication, or just plain old hiding things is normal with the office. A week or so before Christmas, there was an apartment fire towards the end of the apartment building we lived in. We were NOT called and warned about the fire during the day, but had to drive home to see half a dozen fire trucks scattered throughout the small parking lot. Due to the fire, the water was turned off in the entire building (24 apartments or so) because of how the water piping was done. After the fire was mostly put out and under control, we were promised that our water would be turned back on by the end of the night - it was not. It was 11 at night and we were still waiting for our water to be turned back on before we called the maintenance line to learn that the water would not be turned on until the middle of the NEXT day! Great to know at 11 pm when it was too late to drive and crash at a family member's house. To this day we still don't know what caused the fire, even after we were promised we would be told when they became aware. In general and to wrap this up - the office management SUCKS! They lie. They will steal money from you whenever possible. Do not trust anything they say. They will NOT let you see the lease contract before signing it. You are NOT able to break your lease, even when there are health risks that you and the office don't have control over. You can only "break" your lease by buying out 2 months of rent, even if you only have ONE month left. The overall look of the apartments are rundown and not maintained well. Landscaping does not exist here. While the appearance and functionality of the apartments suck, there is ALWAYS some kind of construction going on. The pool was under construction throughout the entire summer (2014). It closed in April or May and did not open until August or September. It was open for about 2 weeks before it was closed for the year. In short - DO NOT LIVE HERE! It's a waste of money. You can find cheaper and nicer elsewhere. The ONLY convenience was living right down the road from Easton.
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The Elms Apartments

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