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Wesbury Park



Resident · 2016 - 2017
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Office Staff
We were warned on multiple occasions! The 1st day, my wife and I signed the lease at Wesbury, Sydney Richardson (property manager) was late. She finally came and was wearing pajamas at signing. Yes, pajamas! We got to meet a few of our neighbors at Wesbury who told us how horrible the staff was. My wife and I wrongfully ignored this advice and regretted t immediately. Our rent check was lost by wesbury and they left a "notice to vacate" sign on our door telling us: "we have to leave Wesbury Park within 10 days for failure to pay our rent". The office staff missed my wife's name on the lease and just assumed we didn't pay despite them having our check in their drawer. No phone call or anything! By month 9 I realized our refrigerator was leaking a horrible chemical smell which contaminated all our food with a pungent smell. I emailed Sydney and never received a response so I went to the leasing office and spoke to Scott who told me Sydney was on maternity leave starting that day (I sent her an email during business hours and she just blew it off the day before). Scott assured me impatiently he'd handle it with the maintenance man. 4 days later nothing, no response, I sent an email and still no response so I finally called the office (4th time trying to contact the office staff for a maintenance issue) and told Scott I needed somebody ASAP as we couldn't use our fridge. Jason came out, smelled the chemical smell and said everything looks to be fine despite the smell and thought it was our food so he suggested to replace the hose line in a few days and clean the fridge with vinegar in the meantime to see if that would fix things. 3-4days go by and no call or update. I emailed Scott again (5th time contacting wesbury) and wanted to know why Jason wasn't at my apartment repairing our fridge. No response, despite Scott sending an email to the wesbury community, 10min after I sent my email to him. Jason later came out replaced the hose line which he says had a scent coming from it, but then goes and tells management there wasn't any scent and that the fridge's issues were not Wesbury's fault. I had been lied to on multiple occasions at this point so I actually recorded my conversation and have Jason recorded lying about how there was a scent. 4 weeks later, our fridge just stopped working completely. At this point I was so fed up I contacted a head manager since wesbury wouldn't respond to any emails from me about the damages I was owed. Sydney called me after her maternity leave was over and acted like she cared and wanted to fix things, but clearly she was no different than every other wesbury staff member handling this issue. I tried turning my keys in at 11:15am on a Monday, our final day, and noticed nobody was in the office. I emailed Sydney updating her and letting her know how I wanted to talk to owners. 1 week later I received no response so I emailed 2 head managers and CC'd Sydney of my complaint for no communication. Sydney within 20min of my email being sent, called me and claimed she tried leaving a voicemail, and said she tried calling me on several occasions last week (this is all while somebody called 1 hour later after her and left me a voicemail). I also checked my log records and didn't receive 1 missed call that week from Sydney. Sydney, in which seemed like a move of desperation, tried to "victim-blame" me and make me look like I wasn't answering my phone or responding to any communication from her end. Funny because if she truly wanted to contact me so desperately why didn't she just reply to my email instead of aimlessly trying to call and supposedly not being able to leave a voicemail...? This whole situation is no surprise as I was warned which is why I am writing this review to warn other people from this borderline fraudulent, deceitful behavior I had to endure from the Wesbury's staff. I am currently seeking legal council against Oakmont Investment Properties for the damages and failed responses.
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Wesbury Park

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