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Brookledge Commons



Prospective Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
I don't normally do this... I actually have not ever rented there. But after the experience that I have had I never will. I initially visited the complex once when i still had a while on my current lease. The person who show'd me the apartment was nice and I was impressed with the apartment. I never had the same experience again. I decided as I am now closer to deciding what I need to do to take a second look. I stopped by one day and walked in. I was greeted by a young college aged student. He was able to tell me what units he had available. He was not able to show them, not able to tell me the rent range, not able to tell me the square footage or any other information on it. He explained that he really does not work there and was filling in for the apartment manager as she left early sick. He actually works for university of akron housing and does not know the complex. He could take my name and number and have her call me back. I left the information but was still a bit turned off.. If you cannot find a replacement for when your sick close down. Because people who see a closed office will go o an emergency happened I understand, I will try and come back. People who walk into an inexperienced an unprepared person go. So why should I live there? At the recommendation of a friend I did go back and try to find and tour with the manager again. The first time I arrived I walked in and the club house was open. The sign said open. I walked in as maintenance walked out. I walked in and maintenance said nothing. I looked around real quick saw the building was empty and the office was locked. I asked the maintenance man if someone was there. " O I think she is out showing... she will be back." So I should just wait here? "Yeah sure I guess." I sat down and waited. five minutes later maintenance came back in and said, " She is out giving notices to apartments she won't be back for 20-25 minutes maybe you should come back." So I said okay. As I left the maintenance locked the clubhouse and put the closed sign up, which should have been done in the first place. I came back after stopping by the mall to have lunch. The manager was there. She did not really even sit to talk to me I asked her a bunch of questions. Normal questions you ask a potential apartment Is there 24/7 maintenance in emergency? Do some of the maintenance live on site? As she was the manager I asked if she lived on site by saying I take it you don't live on site do you? I was met with I do not discuss that with people. Well miss manager "On-site management" is a common concern of potential residents. Most will ask it in some form regardless of how awkward a question it is to ask. Residents ask because having onsite management that lives on site means that any issues will be taken care of that much quicker.. If the vast disorganization of this place is any indication of living there. Unless your OCD on organizing your life I would not recommend this place. Apparently management does not feel they are responsible for anything the resident might worry about.. on a side note... what exactly does giving notices mean? was she putting letters that say you must let me know if your leaving out or giving eviction notices? If it was eviction notices I do not think i should know about that. In the end an apartment is a business. Any person that walks through that door is a potential customer as well as walking money. First impressions are everything. If not first impressions, second and third impressions. This is a real shame as I once toured the property the management company owns in Norton Ohio. It was gorgeous and well run. This place makes me worry for my safety because of management.
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Brookledge Commons

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