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Steeplechase Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/27/2005
I have read a lot of the reviews for Steeplechase so far and I'm a bit shocked.<br><br>Yes, the management has their problems, but I wouldn't say they are rude. They had an issue with my key on the move-in date and were extremely apologetic about it. It turns out the maintenance man took it without telling them. There was also a washer/drier that was there when I wasn’t suppose to be renting one and they said I could keep them free until I find something else (since it was their mess-up). Overall, they seem like they don’t have it all together, but were really courteous to me in every dealing so far.<br><br>Maintenance does look like it has its problems. However, I think they recently hired someone new. The guy that came to fix my locks knew exactly what he was doing and got there the day I complained. It turned out that another maintenance man put my lock in upside down and has also shown incompetence everywhere. My only guess is that the complaints about maintenance are due to that other employee.<br><br>The painting job was rather bad when I got there, and looks like it was done with spray paint. Again, this was probably maintenance. This is something I can easily look past.<br><br>The size is one of the pluses. For $549 I got a good living room, balcony, bedroom, dining room, moderate kitchen, washer/drier room, moderate bathroom, and a walk-in closet. Not many places I have seen came close to this.<br><br>Steeplechase is pretty much in the center of everything. In a 5-15 minute drive, you can probably be anywhere you want to be. For being so close to 675, I really don’t hear much of the noise from it either.<br><br>Conclusion<br><br>Pros:<br>Location, Size, Noise, Parking<br><br>Cons:<br>Maintenance all the way<br><br>Overall:<br>Well built apartments with slow or bad maintenance. If you have patience and know how to deal with people, these apartments should be fine.
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Steeplechase Apartments

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