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Woodman Park Apartments

4996 Woodman Park Drive Suite 6

Dayton, OH 45432



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/29/2016
I highly DO NOT recommend Woodman Park Apartments. The model apartment that they first show you is very nice and updated. The apartment you receive though is just the opposite. These apartments are very outdated and in my opinion, overpriced. Everything is old and worn. There was a spot on the ceiling above my bath that looks like the ceiling wants to fall. It had been plastered over before. I reported it to maintenance and they half way plastered it again. It still looked like it's going to fall. I had always paid my rent early or on time. One time I had paid with a check, I received a letter from the apartment complex about a week later. It stated that my rent was unpaid and that I had 3 days to vacate the premises. When I addressed the issue, politely even, the apt representative's response was , "we ain't playin'". I'm not playing either with almost $600 and the roof over my head. It turns out they had lost the check after I was able to present my receipt for the payment for that month. The apt did pay the bank fee to stop the check, but my check was later found in their office and destroyed. Paying with a credit card has a 15% ? fee, something absurd to where you're paying almost an extra $20 on top of your rent. If you use the rent drop box to pay your rent, you will not get a receipt. The one time I used this, I was not aware of that policy. I made a note with my payment that I would be back for the receipt. Then I was repeatedly told that I would not be receiving a receipt, even after I repeatedly demanded one, because "that is their policy". This was not a $1 candy bar we were talking about. It was a lot of money and stability involved. After the lost check incident, the idea was ridiculous. I contacted the Monarch management company to demand a receipt from them. They told me that the district manger would contact me. That never happened. I don't trust any of them any farther than I can throw them due to my experience with the office there. Also the laundry room connected to my building is tiny, molded, and has an odor. I don't know of the others, but assume they must be similar. I started to use the coin laundry down the road instead. The driveway in and out of the complex is on a fairly busy, divided street. During rush hours, I refer to the thick traffic as "the river of death". It gets very frustrating when you live there because it's hard and sometimes scary to enter and exit the apartment complex without any signs or traffic lights being at that intersection.
Woodman Park Apartments Manager08/10/2016

I am sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your residency here. Please contact us if there is anything we can do to fix the situation. We try to have a variety of ways to pay rent. You can also pay directly from a bank account without any additional fees. In response to the anonymous comment, we do not accept housing vouchers at this time. Please contact us if you have questions about our application criteria.

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Woodman Park Apartments

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