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Woodman Park Apartments

4996 Woodman Park Drive Suite 6

Dayton, OH 45432



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/22/2007
My lease is up and I am not renewing it...<br><br>Here is the run down:<br>1. When I moved in, the apartment was dirty. There was grime all over the cabinets/walls<br><br>2. The fridge smelled like spoiled food and it took me 2 months to get rid of the odor, I was told to 'deal with it' b/c the fridge was operational<br><br>3. Dead cockroaches were on top of the cabinets (a place that apparently had NEVER been cleaned, and not easily observable). I never saw any live bugs.<br><br>4. The windows/ doors let massive amounts of cold air in, I can actually see daylight under my door. My door also does not latch properly, and I have to wiggle my key several times and pull on the knob to unlock it. Once again, I was was laughed at b/c "it does work if you mess with it." <br><br>5. Electric bill is outrageous- over $100 a month during the winter, and that is with only one baseboard heater turned on and me not being here a majority of the time (I leave every weekend and am gone weeks at a time)<br><br>6. It took maintenace 3 weeks to fix the security light. Turns out it was wired into another apartment, and the tenant moved out and the electric had been shut off. Which brings me to another point- was that tenant unknowingly paying for the electric to run the light? And what am I paying for that I don't know about!?!?<br><br>7. Snow = A MESS! I was almost wiped out one day and called the office to complain that NOTHING had been done to the roads (this is around noon, and it snowed the night before). I was told that unless there was at least 2 inches of snow they don't plow... no matter how slick it is. Well, we got over 6" of snow and it took them 1 week to half-way shovel the sidewalks (never did clean off the steps, despite the nice 12" of snow we got in a two week period). The main circle belongs to the city of dayton, however, the parking lots are the apartment complex's responsibility and they definatly did a very unsatisfactory job.<br><br>8. Very noisy in the warm months- people outside yelling in the middle of the night, blaring music, and in general being obnoxious. There is a 'security officer' I've never seen and have no idea how to contact.<br><br>9. Everything is a 'quick and cheap fix-' my apartment had so many holes in the walls, horrible patch jobs (walls were uneven, a door that costs maybe $50 to replace had plaster to fix a hole). Grout in the tub is falling apart and places where the tiles have been replaced are mismatched, uneven and in some places non-existent. <br><br>10. Carpet is Disguisting! Old and well past due for replacement.<br><br>11. A/C units are ancient and do not work (just run up your bill and do not even remotely begin to cool the apartment)<br><br>12. Windows will not stay open<br><br>13. Counter has huge black stains on it and covered in scratches, however, complex is too cheap to replace it<br><br>POSITVES:<br><br>Its nice and cheap for the size. I am in an 'upgrade' apartment (I'd sure hate to see the ones that havent been...) and the appliances are decent. They are new(er) and have worked just fine. I did some beautification of the apartment (painted it w/ color, changed all the outlet face plates, covered the kitchen counter with contact paper etc.) and it is livable.<br><br>My suggestion to anyone who needs a cheap place- do NOT sign the lease, whatever you do, until they fix every thing to your satisfaction. Once you sign the lease, they do the bare minimum. Forget any oral promises they make you.
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Woodman Park Apartments

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