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Britton Woods

5489 Crescent Ridge Drive

Dublin, OH 43016



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Dubchika • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/09/2007
O.K. I do not live at Britton Woods, however, I am here everyday for atleast 5 hours. My opinion on Britton Woods, this place sucks. I'm sorry (not really) I am completely steamed about this place. Let me begin, we (my boyfriend and I) always have a problem with the garbage disposal. The heating system does not work properly. Right now I am freezing! We've called to find an appointment to fix the heating, they replaced the heating system. However, the heating system does not work!? I don't understand either. Today, we find that my boyfriend's car has been towed. Their reason for towing the car was because the right tire was flat. They towed it because they did not want their parking lot to look like a junk yard. Um, excuse me? That car is a 2002 Acura Type-S. How would they have known that the car had a flat tire? Do they come up to every car and see if the car has a problem? These people are ridiculous. 60 days ago my boyfriend was supposed to move out of Britton Woods to Karric Square. He let them know 60 days before, they were supposed to inspect the apartment. However, he was not able to move out because he didn't write down IN PRINT that he were to move in 60 days. Therefore, he is still here. Wanting to move out of this place. The office workers are not productive. They told us that they were to inspect the apartment on a certain date, they do not give us a time. Also, they do not call us ahead of time either. They come in whenever they please. Oh, and also. If you're not at home, they could use a key to open your apartment. This one time, we fell asleep and this man was pounding on the apartment door. Then he tried to open the door with a key, however we had the top lock locked and he couldn't come in. There are many other reasons I can give you as to why you should not move into Britton Woods. You don't want to move here. The view is nice and everything but I'd rather live somewhere where the workers are friendly and responsible. Where I can park my car and know that my car will NOT get towed because of a flat tire. I'm very frustrated with this place and I want my boyfriend out of here ASAP. Trust me, you really don't want to live here. It's horrible, does not feel like a home. Who tow's a person's car like that? For God's sakes, my boyfriend lives in these apartments!
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Britton Woods

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