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Residences at Scioto Crossing



Resident · 2007
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Office Staff
I moved into these apartments and they seemed nice but then I stayed here for 24 hours and realized that I just signed my life away for 12 months. I now know why these people do not offer a 6 month lease. It is because they are to busy trying to get people to live here and get money for these poorly built apartments before they crumple and collapse to the ground. The neighbors make so much noise and you can even smell them cooking. I feel like I am living above an asian restaurante in New York. It is so crazy the smell is so bad that it has started to mess with my allergies because I am allergic to road kill and that is exactly what I think my neighbors are cooking. <br><br>I can hear my neighbors take a S H I T in the bathroom and flush the toilet. I can even here a little kid in the bathroom telling their parents they don't want to take a bath and I am all the way on the other side of by bedroom. It is extremely crazy. If the sounds in the apaprtment don't get you going crazy then perhaps the maintenance person blasting the music in their car all around the property should do the trick. That and since the walls are so thin you can here all of the car doors slamming that will wake you up bright and early even if you are a morning riser.<br><br>My closet is my very own personal meat locker they never told me that the closet gets just cold enough that you can store meats and any other food that you might store in the refrigerator. Perhaps they should add this as a benefit for living here. Sometimes I can even see my breath when I go to get clothes.<br><br>I HAVE CALLED THE COPS ON THE NEIGHBORS SEVERAL TIMES FOR NOISE AND TOLD THE MANAGER BUT THEY DID NOTHING TO HANDLE THE PROBLEM.
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Residences at Scioto Crossing

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