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Residences at Scioto Crossing



Resident · 2007
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Office Staff
BEWARE- YOU CAN'T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER SO DON'T MAKE THE MISTAKE TO JUDGE THIS APARTMENT BY ITS LOOKS --ITS ALL AN OVERPRICED FACADE<br>APPLIANCES FROM H*LL AND BAD PLUMBING barely a year old since the apartments are supposedly new???? I've had appliances older than these and never experienced these systematic headaches.<br><br>Frig keeps runnin-runnin then runnin-runnin (it has 4 setting controls but only runs warm or extremely cold). So with these temperature problems you never know which food is going to spoil but rest assure you will have spoilage. **NOTE: the ice maker makes ice that smells and taste like toilet water so we haven't used that since week one --but if you like that kind of flavor in your ice than you've struck gold. We now use bottled water for cooking and drinking. The morons in the office just said," well no one else has complained" and therefore invalidated my complaints and won't have anyone come test the water yet I'm getting some COMMUNITY water bill--rip off!<br><br>Dishwasher that leaves some weird residue on the dishes, no matter how many times you run the machine. I even put clean dishes in to see what would happen and they came out with the same residue--Dawn dish liquid to the rescue!!!!<br><br>No kitchen vent so get ready to SMELL EVERYONE ELSE'S SMELLS-if you can imagine it you can smell it vividly.<br>Vent fans don't pull out steam in bathrooms so the moisture lingers and now there is MOLD GROWING around the fixtures and surfacing through the walls that even bleach won't kill and you can hear and SMELL rank odors wafting through the walls from the neighbors. I first thought the smell was the toilet water but have bleached the tank and the entire bathroom and the odor just remains.<br><br>Heating system broke on one of the few cold days over the winter--glad I had a spare space heater for a few days until someone in the office responded and called a repair guy. And of course now that it is warmer the A/C is blowing warm air instead of cold- I guess the extreme temperatures are TOO MUCH of a strain on the system--fans to the rescue! Now I understand why I see the cooling system repair van daily.<br><br>Water connections for washer leaking inside the wall no matter how much I tighten down the connectors-neighbor says they're having the same problem. Can hear other people using the bathroom in apartment connecting--pipes make knocking sound no matter who is using them you can hear in your apartment or apartments next to you. Several problems with toilet overflowing within first 3 months of move-in.<br><br>MORONS IN THE OFFICE GETTING PAID TO LIE TO THE PUBLIC/ SIT ON THEIRE *SS AND EAT <br>Mickey D's-THESE ARE NOT LUXURY APTS!!! <br><br>Of course everyone in the office acts clueless, whenever you can get a hold of them, as if they don't have the inside scoop on the crappy appliances that T&R Property, the builders of this scrap heap, put into these apartments. The only work I see the maintenance guy do is washing his own vehicle with the money I pay for on my community water bill. OH the good news--so far no problems with the microwave! What next you want to know? I'LL BE RUNNIN' TO GET OUT OF HERE! and I won't be running to move into any more properties BUILT BY T&R PROPERTY (a google search will give you a complete list of PROPERTIES TO AVOID including any condos or houses).<br>THESE ARE NOT LUXURY APARTMENTS--UNLESS YOU ENJOY HAVING THESE TYPE OF PROBLEMS !
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Residences at Scioto Crossing

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