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Town & Country Apartments



Resident · 2008 - 2010
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Office Staff
the good: beautiful landscape, very safe, very nice neighbors (and since the apartments are pretty well built, you can't hear very much even if they get loud), good insulation and GREAT heat in the winter, new doors, good maintenance, friendly staff, very well designed apartments and they are making improvements in the re-sells of the apartments in this building (like hard-wood floors instead of carpet and more floor space in the kitchen..) the ok: Office hours are limited (only 1pm-7pm, although they are sometimes flexible on this and always answer phone if they are there,) this only matters at end of month when paying your bill though, and there is the option of mailing it yourself but I like handing my payment to our land lords because they are nice and I get a receipt that way. There are only a couple of windows unless you get a balcony apartment (of which there are few) The apartments are really pricey for the area and what you get (i pay $600 a month... however, there is no gas bill since it is all electric so that does save a lot of money (my electric bill usually hovers around 60-90, which isn't bad. water and trash are included) the bad: they do not allow you to hang anything sturdy, you can only use really tiny nails (i forget which size, sorry), no screws or anything. So decor is very limited. air conditioning units are not very good (there is only one per apartment regardless of size and it doesn't work off of a temperature gauge or vents, it just blows cold air out of a unit that is placed in one of your walls), have to buy fans to compensate to properly air out your entire apartment resulting in temperatures that are often too cold or too hot (total opposite of the heating, which is great). Parking is horrible. There are *no* assigned parking spots (unless you're handicapped). Some of the parking spots are on an upward ramp (so no one wants to park on those) and if all of the apartments are full and some people have guests, you cannot park and have to try to find spots behind the building or on the parking grounds at the other buildings (it is a 4 building complex) Laundry really stinks. You have to pay for it, number 1 ($1.50 per unit (wash or dry), not bad but I wish we had laundry machines built in!). Number 2, unless you live in the big complex which has 2 buildings linked together and a large laundry room, the laundry room is very small and the hours are somewhat limited (9am-10pm, one washer, 2 dryers in my apt building.. if you get in the other complex, there are 3 washers, 3 dryers, and since it is a separate building they don't care when you use it) Not only is it limited, but people in this building have a habit of fooling with your laundry (like moving it) so if you don't take your clothes out of the washer immediately after it has stopped ( i do not mind it being moved if I forgot to get it within an hour, that is understandable and reasonable) you run the risk of someone moving your clothes and then hijacking the 1 washer so you can't put your next load in until they are done. There are also a few people in this building who wait and stockpile their laundry and do like 6 loads in one day, so if it is their laundry day on the day you want to do laundry... good luck. The bad can be lived with though, and the good things about this complex generally make up for it. The area is truly beautiful and there is even an outdoor pool and an outside grill residents are allowed to use.
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Town & Country Apartments

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