Surfside Gardens Apartments

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Surfside Gardens Apartments

36270 Lakeshore Blvd., Eastlake, OH 44095
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$950 - $1,180/mo



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Resident 2019


it's quiet you don't hear much music from Cars just when people come into the hallway in and out of their building other than that you can't hear much there are MINOR issues though..that can be easily fixed...!!! The door buzzer outside can Buzz the apartments but cannot be opened from the person in the apartment pushing the unlock. door button. The washer and dryer are sometimes off balance and move away from the wall but like I said that's just a minor stuff... the parking lot is very clean.. and taking care of... however people do have dogs and it's not the landlords responsibility of the property to pick up the dog mess..!! it's the renters..responsibility...!!! For people who don't drive you have a grocery store at the End of the Street Dollar General and you're right there at the bus lines for laketran to get you places.. If you want something that's quiet peaceful and very decent affordable rent this is the place..!!

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    Resident 2014 - 2018


    My husband and I moved to this garden style community while pregnant with our first child. We couldn't have chosen a better place to bring our baby home to. The apartments are well-kept and cozy. The exterior, including landscaping, is current and well-maintained. The management is friendly and caring. Maintenance and repairs are timely. The rent is unbeatable in this area, and these apartments don't require a pet deposit or monthly pet rent. This was important to us and our 3 kittens, and something we could not find in any other apartment we looked into. My child, now 3 and a half, has had a great upbringing in this community, and we're sad to leave it!

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      Resident 2014 - 2015


      I agree with previous posts. It is the job of the LANDLORD to maintain the apartments and the apartment buildings. If you can't do it find someone who can! You live here for free because you are the LANDLORD!!! WE ARE TENANTS!!! WE PAY RENT!!! There are laws that protect us from a slumlord wannabe like you!!! Renters need to wise up and do their research, make a few phone calls, send a few emails.....only then will things get done. The Lake County Health District and City Hall are good places to start. If you have a problem that isn't getting fixed you have the right to file a complaint against his lazy ---. WISE UP PEOPLE!!! And while I'm thinking about it, how about doing something about the fallen trees outside, Tom.

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        Resident 2012 - 2014


        After months of complaining our dryer vents outside were cleaned, after years of complaining our windows above the entrance were washed. The dead bugs in the hallway lights remain & our dedicated staff never misses there lunch engagement 6 days a week, morning does not exist for these two, there day starts after lunch at about 3.oo pm. My friend invited me over to see her dripping, I should say running water in the kitchen sink, she said she reported it at least a couple of weeks ago & her closet door fell off & is leaning against the wall, lunch is way to important to fix these things. Another resident told me her toilet needs to be tightened & it wabbles when she uses it, again, nothing. If you want to see an apartment be sure to come after 4 pm, that's when the manager might be back. Thank god we have landscapers that keep the grounds looking good but beware, looks are deceiving, don't move in here until new management is found

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          Resident 2006 - 2014


          In response to GodSmack1 review. To have a pet policy that requires no security deposit and a small $20 fee per month is more than generous. To be able to have a pet here is a privilege not a right. The rule to have a dog here is clear. You must clean-up after your dog. It is not the landlords job to police people into following this rule. As a matter of fact it is not my("sidekick")as you put it responsibility either. As for the hole leaking water in your bathroom, that was repaired months ago in which I have heard nothing more about. As far as entering your apartment without permission. That's a serious accusation that is simply not the truth. The landlord and I "Sidekick" never enter an apartment without notification "24 hour notice in advance" unless the way it was explained to me if there is a fire or water leak that could lead to the destruction of the property.(read your lease). While I do assist the landlord in making repairs it should be noted the work I do here is voluntary. Repairs are done in order of importance. It also should be stated the we… See More>
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            Resident 2013 - 2014


            The management here works hard on offering good people who need second chances a chance. Unlike large properties that have a lot of repair workers, the manager is the only person who does the work here. Sometimes it takes a while, but only for things that can wait. On the other hand, as a single renter, I know the manager, and fellow renters are aware of me, watch out to make sure I am safe and care about my well being. I make it a point to clear the windshield of an older renter when it snows; younger renters carry my groceries upstairs for me. Most of us have pets, and the promotes a great comaraderie as we walk our dogs. I have never been happier in a rental. I feel totally safe here, and know that if I need help, I will get help. I love listening to the kids playing in the summer. I love the respect almost all of us show the other. The manager fosters this in his attitude. What's even better is that we neatly hidden, and don't get parking lot cruisers looking to steal catalytic converters or score a… See More>
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              Resident 2012 - 2013


              Not sure who these so- called happy renters are here, but there are plenty of dissatisfied people living here. The only upside to living here is that you are allowed to have pets. However, the grounds are loaded with dog - - - - ! The landlord is lazy. I have had a hole in my bathroom ceiling since I moved in in August that is leaking water constantly and has mold on it. He knows about it but isn't going to fix it. My pipes underneath the sink have come apart 3 times flooding the cupboard as well as the bathroom floor. The wood underneath the sink is warped and ruined with mold growing on it also. The handle on my stove is broken, there's holes in my carpeting. The landlord and his sidekick have entered my apartment without any notice, which is against the Ohio Tenant Laws. I have a dog & I don't crate him, if he bites somebody that is entering my apartment unannounced I consider that their fault. He seems to hardly ever be on the grounds of the property during the week. Considering maintaining these units is his job, and there is plenty of… See More>
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                Resident 2008 - 2012


                Genuinely happy

                I love my place, and i'd miss it if I ever left. Since we've lived here for so long, we've gotten used to things like noise from the kids downstairs, music from the guy across the hall, and people talking in the next apartment. (only in the bathroom do I really notice) The landlord has always worked with me on issues in the apartment, rent, etc. If you're patient and you treat them with respect, you'll be treated the same. One example being, our carpet had been a terrible quality, so they completely replaced it for free. The space is enormous - almost 1100 sq ft. Giant windows for the living room and bedroom, ceiling fan and large enough closets. Just enough kitchen space for a normal cook. I have a garden apartment where it faces the park behind us, along with trees and a little creek. I love that we can hear crickets and frogs over cars and sirens. The apartment doesn't have all the amenities i'd like, (dishwasher, pool, etc) but for the simple person, it's a beautiful place.

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                  Dogs Allowed
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                  1 Bed, 1 Bath
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                  Surfside Gardens Apartments

                  July 2024





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                  Surfside Gardens Apartments is an apartment in Eastlake in zip code 44095. This community has a 1 - 3 Beds, 1 Bath, and is for rent for $1,180. Nearby cities include Willoughby, Willowick, Kirtland, Wickliffe, and Willoughby Hills.

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