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Reserve at Channingway



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2006 Recommended
Reviewed 01/16/2007
My experience at the Reserve at Channingway over three years seemed to change wildly from year to year--some years I loved it and some years I hated it. This was due to the complex management constantly changing, so it's hard to tell when you come in whether there is a good manager or not. When I left in 2006, there were a lot of problems with drunken college students who did not live in the Reserve using the pool and hot tub.. They left beer bottles around and the hot tub and pool seemed to be closed almost the whole summer of 2006 to repair the damage they did. It was very frustrating. I lived right outside the pool and did call the cops once after the students kept me up two nights in a row as they partied in the pool area in the middle of the night.<br><br>The floorplans are nice, but the walls are definitely thin and the construction isn't the best. I had leaks and dry wall screws popping out of the wall all around the apartment. Maintenance did a pretty good job fixing what I needed when asked. <br><br>The biggest concern I have is for the military. They require a 45 day notice to vacate, I believe. However, a lot of military members don't receive their orders until just a week before they leave, even if they know months ahead of time that they are going to be deployed. There are plenty of other apartment complexes around town that are much more flexible and willing to work with the military. If you get deployed, you may end up paying rent even after you leave.<br><br>Other than these problems, the complex is pretty safe and in a good location. It's really luck of the draw as to how the management treats you when you live there.
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Reserve at Channingway

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