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Cobblestone Grove



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Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/14/2007
So on Feb 12th I go to Cobblestone. There I am greeted by a "employee" who dosen't know who we are or why we're coming in. She said she never works there. Well she asked when we were looking to move in and we told her mid March because we're on a month to month lease where we're out now, so we would have to give a 30 day notice. Well she writes that down on the sheet that says what apartment we're looking at and what our rent range was. <br><br>Let me start here with all the lies we were fed. When I looked online for a 2bdrm 2bath it was $649.00 a month, with a $299.00 deposit. I then called to enquire a little more about the apartment homes. The lady told me that they were $649.00 a month and that it was a $250.00 deposit. I then asked about dog fees, she said it was $30 a month, I told her I had two dogs, and she said it would be $50 a month. I said ok and set up a time to go look at the apartments with my Finacee. When we went in they explained they had a 2bdrm 1 bath on a basement floor level with a walkout balcony for $599.00 a month, I was like wow perfect! We then went and saw the apartment. The lady showing us the apartment told us it was $599.00 because of the convience of having to walk to the lower level, in my eyes it was great because of my dogs. Well, after her showing us the apartments we decide to come back the next day and fill out an application. She told us to bring the $299.00 since we were interested. I said ok figuring they do the credit check right then and there. Well they don't. We come back the next day and the manager of these apartments was there telling us that she would run out application and that we had to move in by the end of Feb in order to receive the $599.00 special because it was a special for February. Well, didn't the other leasing agent just say it was $599.00 because of the inconvience of having to walk to the downstairs? Yes! So I told her look, we can't do that we would have to pay 2 places rent and we just couldn't do that. She tells me she will run our credit and see if we're even approved first. We agreed. Well I call the leasing agent who I had spoke with the very first day, she had given her cell number to me, I explained My Finacee and I had discussed this over and agreed we couldn't do this. I asked her since the credit wasn't ran if she would refund our $100 for the application fee. She said no but the deposit will be refunded back. She said let me call my manager and see what we can do and see if we can hold that special out until March. I said ok and she said she would call me in the morning. Well the manager calls back the next day and said we can only hold the apartment for 21 days, I said ok well we won't be able to move in then so we will just come pick up the deposit. She said well thats non refundable! I said EXUSE ME! She said it states in the contract you cannot have that back once you've shown interest in a place. I said do you even have our credit ran? She said No , we're working on it right now. Im like how can you even say we can't have it back then we havent even been assigned an apartment. She said I told you yesterday and gave you a sheet that says once we've shown yhou an apartment you are saying you want that apartment I said you never ONCE said ANYTHING about that. You told us not to fill out the money order for the deposit in case anything changed! Well to make this short "er" She tells me she wont refund it. I told her if she dared cashed it I would press charges because I have the receipt and nothing and my signature is NOT on that money order. Well she decided to call my fiancee and tell him we're denied because of his felony from over 10 yrs ago, after I asked her on the phone if they accepted felons and she said they go off a point system, basically saying it dosen't matter they just have to see and add everything else in. So we are getting out deposit back. TO MAKE THIS STORY TEN TIMES BETTER! My manager from our apartment calls and asks her about a 2bdrm she tried selling her the same one we looked at, in the basement overlooking the woods and creek....well she tells her to come in its $50 for the application and that the deposit is $299 well my manager says I have an appointment to look somewhere else tomorrow what if I like the one better tomorrow, she said your money for your application is non refundable but we have to give you the deposit back within 48 hours! It's not even been 24 hours and they were trying to deny us our $299 back! You need to watch out for these ppl. Just like when I called the leasing agent saying we didn't want to live there, I told her she told us $50 for the dogs and the manager said no it was $30 for each pet and theres no negotiating on that. And the leasing agent said no its $50!!<br><br>This place does NOT know what they're doing. They're rude, they don't care about anyone, and I'm very happy I got to see how they were BEFORE we ever had the chance to live there! People don't go here, my apartments I'm at now has ONE rating and its a good one, this place has numerous bad ratings.<br><br>Save your money and time!
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Cobblestone Grove

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