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5877 Ross Road

Fairfield, OH 45014



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ter3634 • Resident 2004 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/23/2007
I am so upset as a resident of Villages of Wildwood to read these comments of people being so angry. After renewing my apartment for the third year, I have been here and seen this place with bad maintenance but in the last 6 months nobody should be complaining about work orders. When you call in work orders and you do get a machine the lady calls back within 2 hours everytime just like the message states. Not to mention the guys that come out to fix the issues do a great job. I did have one work order this past week that took 4 days to get done but that wasn't an issue for me, I used common sense which I don't think most of these that complain have any. It only took 4 days but that was because we were going through a huge winter storm and they were taking care of my neighbors heat and one of my friends pipes burst when she was out of town and they had to take care of that. So, being that not only did they have those things which I would think would be something more important than my toilet. (I have two) And to complain about the ice. You can go to any walk way in this community and they all have a clear path you just need to watch were you are going and be carefull. For any one looking into renting the apartments here are beautiful and my most of my neighbors are nice, there are a few that complain all the time but I think that is just there nature. Someone complained about not paying late, well I know my lease states the due date. So I pay it on the due date. I have had to pay late a couple times just because of my pay period at work but I understand that with it comes late fees and the lady that we talk to here at the office (I would not want her job)is so nice about working with you. I think the people that complain just need to move out so THEY stop bringing this community down because the community itself is beautiful. The Office staff is friendly and very helpful and the maintenance staff are the best around. So if you think you have it so bad move out and just remember as the old saying goes "the grass is always greener on the other side" --until you get there!
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