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11651 Norbourne Drive, Forest Park, OH 45240
11651 Norbourne Drive, Forest Park, OH 45240

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Kensington Park



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Xcorgi • Resident 2015 - 2017 Not Recommended

Reviewed 05/10/2017

This used to be a nice place. Now they are letting ing SECTION 8 HOOD RATS and THUGS! Cars are now getting broke into and vandalized. One neighbor was a victim of an attempted mugging when bringing in his groceries at night and when he wouldn't give up his wallet, he was even SHOT AT! Drug dealers who don't even live here show up in strange cars late at night and shine there bright headlights in your windows for HOURS on end while making drug deals and doing drugs in the parking lot. Even worse, if they aren't stomping up and down the stairs late at night, you can find them sitting in the stairwells waiting for their drug customers to show up. During the day time they drive by beeping their horns to their hood rat and thug buddies who live on the upper floors where they scream profanities to one another from the balconies. Of course the only dogs these THUGS bring in to live with them are vicious PIT BULLS. They also allow their dogs to piss through the wooden deck to the patios below and all over the neighbors patio and patio furniture! Don't move here unless you have a conceal carry permit and a 9mm pistol to protect yourself. This place has really become a WAR ZONE! This definitely NOT worth the high rent they charge to live here.
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Kensington Park

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