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Regency Arms Apartments



Resident · 2007 - 2008
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I wrote a response to another tenants review but realized I should elaborate, add photos, etc. I wish some photos would have turned out better so that I could have posted them too, like the stripping and tile in the bathroom that has a large gap that allows water to leak through and down onto our kitchen counters. You can tell this has been patched before but never truly fixed by the patching that is cracked on the ceiling over the counter. It was brought up to them when my boyfriend moved in a bit over a year ago, and they assured him that it was fine. We have taken precautions now but nothing will fix the damage or the mold that is surely brewing. I have cleaned some off the ceiling in the bathroom on more than one occasion. There is also a major ant problem that won't seem to go away... I don't recall them ever showing us that they were actually here to spray... they only sprayed the outside of the building though we have repeatedly told them that the problem is now for sure inside the apartment. And the spiders were horrific in the fall. The furnace filter has a sticker showing it's last replacement in 2002, which may not be true but wouldn't surprise me. We know for a fact that it hasn't been done in the last year and a half. Some of the windows are painted shut and much of the wood molding is painted due to laziness of it never being taped off. Things weren't so horrible until after we resigned due to financial difficulties. Then it seemed to magically start falling apart. The best was the debate over whether or not to take my puppy to get looked at. She was being a puppy and licking the door and she chewed a bit on the counter and got ill. We are unclear and no one can no for sure if our apartments paint is lead based. How safe is that for children. I understand people need cheap housing. But these apartments are getting increasingly more rundown and unsafe and yet they put out pretty balloons and try to pass them off as decent. Do not be fooled. If you do move here, make them fix things before you move in. We were the fools.
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Regency Arms Apartments

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