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College Towers



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/04/2007
I mean where do I even start? The place has more Indian and Chinese people than a Sami-Quick stop. They're all loud and smell like ---- and their cooking smells even worse. The walls are paper thin and it's rediculous how much you can hear. One day management decided to go through my neighbors to put insulation in by pounding on the wall for 4 hours. Maintenance crew is shady and half --- everything. Everything that needed fixed in my apartment eventually broke again and my friends across the hall had a 2x2 hole above their heads in their shower for the last 8 months of their lease after they fixed some plumbing. How can I forget the ex-sheriff's now turned janitor. His son and two other ---------'s ripped off my friend at gunpoint for a nice fat bag, a grand and his x-box 360. Friends that are girls were scared they were going to get raped because all the lighting in the halls was so dim you couldn't see ----. Oh I forgot the elevator's rarely work, in fact the last 4 months of my least the one was stuck 2 feet below the 1st floor and couldn't use it. People piss in the elevators at least once every two or three days and on two occasions someone ---- in them, not to mention everyone writes all over them and about "Dumb Linda" so they're always repainting them. They claim about having a sweet pool, my --- it was only open the last month of my 12 month lease. Nothing ever worked. They never fixed the leak from above me in my bathroom. Half of their computer's in their lab don't even work. We'd have bats in the hallways occasionally, who knows where they went.
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College Towers

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