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Liberty Park Apartments



Resident · 2009 - 2012
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Office Staff
In the 3 years my husband and I have lived here the place has been owned by three different entities. Currently it is owned by the Coughlin family. They have upped the rent, which was already way above average for our are, and did away with our assigned parking spots. The apartments themselves are 10 years old, however, many of the units have new carpet and linoleum (not ours of course). There is still a lot of riff raff, especially at night on the weekends. They claim there is a "playground"; when we moved in it was closed, until just a few months ago, now it is a cheap swing set. Fitness center is a joke. Pool is decent, most of the time. Not sure if all the units have washers and dryers. Last we were told, when the washers and dryers die they won't be replaced bc the apartments weren't finished when they were installed and they had no way to get the old ones out or new ones in. This may have changed since I think it was one of the previous apartment managers that told us that. Not sure how the new guys will do with snow removal since they took ownership over the spring/summer time. Overall, I would not suggest moving here since there are other more affordable complexes in London. I wouldn't mind paying 40%-50% more a month than average if we lived in a luxury apartment complex, but it is far from a gated luxury community.
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Liberty Park Apartments

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